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Significance of Polygons By Jordynn Michael It's about time that everybody finds out the significance of polygons A polygon is a figure with a minimum of three sides but typically has five Polygons aren't just used in geometry but are also used in real world careers and in everyday life Not only do polygons play a huge part in geometries history but they also play an important part in various aspects of science social studies and games I will also be including a lesson plan describing how to teach a class about polygons These are the topics that I will be discussing and covering in full detail Question what careers are polygons used in and are they applied in everyday life Some ways that polygons are used are in tiling Tiles are typically in the shape of squares and or rectangles You usually find the area of a polygon by using the formula ½ x perimeter x apothem Also any form of tiling involves polygons Triangles and rectangles are another great example of how polygons are used in everyday Igloos for example are one way that rectangles were used for building homes Many of us know that igloos are made up of rectangular blocks of ice You typically see triangles used in everyday life by looking at the sides of houses A couple of jobs that involve the use of polygons include the architecture and subcontractor roles Subcontractors are a person or business that work on a big project for a company Being a subcontractor involves the use of polygons since they are mostly cutting and measuring materials into certain shapes 

Modern architecture uses polygons because it mostly incorporates many lines and shapes What's the history behind polygons who discovered them proved them and why The origin of the word polygon is from Greece Polugōnon was the original word for polygon There is know known person on record saying who discovered the polygon Polygons were first defined and studied by the ancient Greeks Carl Friedrich Gauss proved the constructability of the seventeen gon in 1796 One famous Greek mathematician is Archimedes Archimedes was known for creating formulas for regular shapes Archimedes figured out the area of unknown shapes by using shapes he was already familiar with Essentially Archimedes would draw a polygon around a shape he didn't know how to solve for and calculate the area of the polygon around the shape Even though his answer wasn t exact and was approximate it was pretty good considering his time How have polygons contributed to science As most of us know science is the study of behavior and structure of the natural world by incorporating experiments and using observations Polygons are regular occurrences of the natural world For example look at a triangle and compare it to a pine tree You will see that there very similar in shape Compare a hexagon to a honeycomb and again there practically the same shape

Another example is a flower A flower is the same shape of a decagon But I guess one could argue that How does social studies use polygons One way social studies uses polygons is maps Most of us have heard of the Bermuda Triangle Do you know why they call it the Bermuda Triangle If not they got the name Bermuda from Vincent Gaddis The word triangle comes from the Latin root word triangulum Also when you connect the points from Miami to the British Virgin islands and to the Bermuda it makes a triangle The bigger picture is that people and maps use associate polygons as a key factor of how they identify key landmarks Are there polygons in games When you were a kid some of your favorite educational toys may have been space cube delta blocks and puzzle world Those are some good examples of a couple of games that have polygons Let's look at some more recent popular games For example look at monopoly The board is a square and the money is rectangular As we all know squares and rectangles are polygons So I guess games do use polygons If I were to teach a class about how to find the area of polygons my main lesson plan would be to hand out a formula sheet with an equation on how to find their area A example would be demonstrated on how the students should go about solving the problems After that a homework packet would be assigned The packet would need to be completed and turned in by the end of the week 

Then a review would be necessary to answer any questions On the following Monday the test would be given so the students would have plenty of time to study over the weekend Also after school if they needed additional help they could go into the math lab and get help Not only have polygons added to geometry but helped us understand develop science social studies use of things in everyday life careers and games Some ways polygons have helped us in science is understanding natural occurring shapes in nature such as pine trees and honeycombs Polygons have contributed to careers and everyday use with tiling and being a subcontractor Most of us have played the game monopoly I'm sure you've noticed the square board and rectangular money That's one of many games that have polygons in them Hopefully you have a better understanding of how polygons have contributed and added onto many diverse fields which we use in everyday life

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