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Since humanity drew its first picture or spoke its first words interpersonal communication has been an important part of daily life Interpersonal communication is embedded in everything we do as humans from the first time you cried as a baby to every time you speak to your Soldiers In my opinion interpersonal communications are one of the essential skills for being a great leader In this essay I will be exploring what interpersonal communications are why interpersonal communications are important and how interpersonal communications can pertain to Army leadership In order to understand why interpersonal communications are important and how they pertain to Army leadership you first must have an understanding of what interpersonal communications are Interpersonal communication is defined by SelfGrowth com as the process of sending and receiving information between two or more people There are two ways in which you can communicate you can communicate verbally or nonverbally Verbal communication is using spoken words or sounds to communicate with the audience whereas non verbal communication is body language which is defined by Merriam Webster as the gestures movements and mannerisms by which a person or animal communicates with others Within verbal communication there is encoding decoding and feedback Encoding is the effort the speaker makes to ensure the listener understands the message 

Decoding is the effort made by the receiver of the message who has to determine if they now can understand the message and if not must give feedback to the speaker asking for clarification purposes I find closed loop communication to be particularly effective for explaining needs and ensuring individuals understand what is expected or needed from them Closed loop communication is giving the task or order and following it up with asking the individual to repeat what you said in their own words This ensures that that individual has a grasp on the material you were explaining to them If a speaker can encode well and ensures to follow up with closed loop communication skills there will be marginally less room for error with the interpretation of the task or order that was given Why is this important How does my encoding of a message directly affect my capabilities as a leader In my experience the most important part of communication is ensuring understanding to whomever you are speaking to Proper communication can strengthen cohesion in a unit it does this by fostering or maintaining already established trust and camaraderie within the unit Most people are more likely to follow someone who is easy to understand than they are to follow someone who puts out information that is vague For example if I were to say the patient in bed three is having a myocardial infarction the odds are only a hand full of people would know what the term actually means however if I were to state the patient in bed three is having a heart attack most people know what a heart attack is and would understand that the patient needs immediate help In my profession and all professions ensuring proper communication saves lives as it leaves little room for ambiguity In the Army every Soldier is trained to be a leader It is also true that every leader has their own style of leading however no leader can be effective without ensuring effective communication within their team On the battlefield Soldiers want the most simplified and possibly brutal synopsis of our mission because not only does it ensure understanding but everyone to my left and right will understand the information

Closed loop communication can ensure that a soldier has retained information instead of waiting for feedback from all Soldiers you are bringing the information to them if they do not understand you will find out and be able to rectify the situation by re encoding the information in another way that may be more suitable for the Soldiers understanding Remember when I said that in my profession ensuring proper communication skills saves lives This to be especially true as an Army leader how can a leader ensure he does not lose a life when they leave room for ambiguity even in the smallest of tasks There is not a way to ensure that every soldier understood and retained the information you have given to them without ensuring proper communication In essence there is no way an Army leader can lead and ensure his her Soldiers are following the orders without properly communicating with the Soldiers and verifying understanding of each soldier Communication is the most necessary leadership skill Without communication there is no way a leader can lead they cannot teach they cannot develop nor can they give orders or tasks to their subordinates Throughout this essay I have informed you on what interpersonal communication is why communication is important and how communication is a pivotal part of Army leadership To recap interpersonal communication is the process of sending and receiving information between two or more people this is important because it can save lives or reduce injuries and it can mean the difference in being an E 5 and a sergeant for Army leadership Do you want to be an E 5 or would you rather be a sergeant

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