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Since the later half of the 19th century terrorism would emerge as the weapon of choice for radicalist and extreme nationalist According to the Guardian The Global Terrorism Database has recorded terror attacks across the world with data from 1970 covering up to the end of 2011 The number is staggering from 104 000 attacks Over 2 000 of the attacks happened on American soil What is terrorism Terrorism has many definitions and many faces According to encyclopedia com terrorism is defined as the illegal use of force or violence to accomplish a political or social goal Such objectives could incorporate but not include changing a government s arrangement on a specific issue or avoiding certain people from voting in a presidential or local race In 1984 the U S State Department depicted psychological warfare as planned political spurred savagery committed against noncombatant targets Terrorist attacks are often are in the forms of mass shootings or a high casualty rate Modern terrorist tactics can be traced back to the French Revolution during the reign of terror Later in the 20th century acts of terrorism became more forceful and radical The lack of governmental resolve is one of the may problems countries face when combating against terror organizations 

Terror groups thrive on attention media exposure from news castings what those organizations crave the most is publicity Terrorism has been called the new modern warfare Innocent non combatants are the original and always will be the target or these targets While trying to fight for those who need a voice The terror groups end up muting their voice and their cause Terrorist groups are perhaps not living in fear of their home government but instead inflicting fear upon those they wish to help In a tv interview a terrorist organization stated we want the people of the united states to feel the terror The first official mass terrorist attack committed on the United States soil happened on the nineteenth on of April 1995 Outside of the Alfred P Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City Countless were injured and the number stood at a whopping 650 people and left 168 people dead out of the 168 deceased 19 of them were children The suspect Mcveigh was an anti government militant McVeigh was a conspiracist and plotted to appeal the second amendment McVeigh was motivated by his anarchist visions and not in the name of religion McVeigh was not the only terrorist that has committed an attack based on his vision One of the most severe anarchy terrorist attack ever committed in the states was the bombing of the wall street On noon of September 16 a wagon pulled in front of the office building of J P Morgan a high investment banker at the time The wagon was filled with dynamite and window sash Windows were shattered and many people were lifted from their spots and thrown miles The bomb missed it original target J P Morgan who had been on vacation at the time Letters had been sent to Morgan months earlier threatening him to release the political prisoners 

These anarchists committed a severe attack and threatened the great nation but not in the name in religion as many usually think Groups such as the IRA used terrorism as a way to convey their sinister ideas to the british parliament by using propaganda The IRA is the biggest most significant and best organized groups in ireland Indeed there are many reasons for terrorism but coming from a region with a low economy makes you more likely to commit violence and terrorist acts The link between economic poverty and terrorist attacks are evident According to figure 3 in the article as the economic poverty steadily decreased do did the amount of terrorist attacks The total decreased by a total of 66 7 percent James Piazza According to Time magazine The documents from a 2011 study found a positive relationship though not a casual one between unemployment and right wing extremist crimes committed in germany These cases show a key basic issue in strategy and approach and by regarding fear as a solitary classification and by concentrating on specific gatherings or people we disregard designs that exist in a few but not all cases Although some may say that terrorism stems mostly from islamic nations and in the name of Allah that is not necessarily always true Extremist cherry pick from the Quran and believe what they want From Quran 2 193 194 declare that muslims may only fight those that have actively striked them in their name of religion In Islam there is no such thing as mutilation and torture When the Quran refers to kill them where you find them The them term they refer to are those terrorist groups that have persecuted others for their faith and exiled those from their homes Them could also be put into modern terms such as Isis Even if Isis were to desist the quran forbids aggression towards them or any other religion Stanley Lane poole attests The day of Mohammad s greatest triumph over his enemies was also the day of his greatest victory over himself He freely forgave the Quraysh all the years of sorrow and cruel scorn in which they had afflicted him and gave an amnesty to the whole population of Mecca Terrorism has become a daily recurring news topic and becoming apart of the american habit We wake up watch those news and see the terror being brought up in the streets of other countries It begins with the same things bombings hijacking and assassinations committed on the other side of the world

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