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Singapore’s rail transport system is the foundation of the nation’s public transport system Singapore s SMRT Trains arrangement at urban rail travel system a north south line Tozai Line North East Line Link and Coastal Line 5 lines an aggregate length of 199 4 km The two organizations are also operators of the Singapore Light Rail System 28 8 km long Moreover Malaysia based Malayan Railways likewise works cross fringe rail services in Singapore while the Sentosa MRT and Changi Airport lifted traveler trolley are neighborhood rail system particularly intended for tourists Singapore railway metre gauge The Singapore railway is typical of British colonial railway systems built to the metre gauge Singapore had hydraulic buffer stops All from a British manufacturer of railway equipment The 1 000 mm 3 ft 3 3 8 in gauge railway network in Most of the lines are made out of ballasted system and locally made concrete sleepers in urban Singapore concrete sleepers system This concrete sleepers system has been designed to enable road rail vehicles and equipment to mount or cross the rail quickly and safely There is now no excuse for accidents caused by sliding off old wooden sleepers Steel type that Singapore government rely and used is Bainite Bainite derives strength from ultra fine microstructure British Standard BLF320 BLF360

Research on mechanical properties of Bainitic rail steel Conduct materials characterization tests on selected Bainitic steels and Develop fatigue life prediction analysis for Bainitic rail steel versus Pearlitic rail made in china as a future strategic application The Singapore railway connect rails by thermite welding which will make now no excuse for accidents caused by joint friction Fuel consumption Maintenance effort or Disturbance and Noise effects Station columns designed to support axial loading with limited allowance for eccentricity due to construction tolerance Loading shall only be transferred to the station structure at the columns only Flood Protection all entrances and exits of the station at ground level are located at 450mm above the adjacent ground level or 1m above the highest recorded flood level whichever the higher is to prevent ingress of flood water into the station Waterproofing of Station Roof Slab The waterproofing membrane generally extend for a distance of about 1 0m down the external face of the station wall Instrumentation and Monitoring Consideration to monitoring the movements of the rapid transit system the frequency of monitoring will depend on the nature of the construction activity and as agreed with the Authority and security of renders Ventilation Shaft Fresh air for ventilation of the station is taken from the intake vent shafts while air is exhausted through the exhaust vent shafts and Cooling Tower and Piping Disturbance and Noise The developer ensure that construction activities carried in the vicinity of the station do not cause undue inconvenience and discomfort to train passenger or tenants within the station

All reasonable effort made to ensure that these activities do not affect the business of the resident within the station metro systems automation refers to the procedure by which duty regarding operation administration of the trains is changed from the driver to Train control system Specialized advance has rendered metro mechanization conceivable by influencing train control System equipped for managing itself working and controlling the whole operational process consequently without the need for a driver An automatically systemized train is usually outfitted with I Automatic Train Protection system a safety system for maintaining a strategic distance from impacts red signal over running and surpassing train speed by applying brakes consequently II Automatic Train Operation system playing out all the functions of the driver to permit full mechanization of trains For example the system can modify the working parameters for example the speed of the Train and station stay time to bring the train back to the timetable space set for it III Train Data Management System transmitting the essential train information and data to the Automatic Train Protection and Programmed Train Operation system Benefits of An automatically operated metro system train for administrators and travelers in this 1 Human mistake can be diminished to a minimum in this way contributing to more efficiency and more secure and safe operations 2 More successful reaction can be made to system unsettling influences furthermore crises under the computerized failure detection system 3 Driverless trains quicken and brake at a predictable rate and go between stations at decisively the ideal vitality effective operating velocity 4 Travelers can appreciate more regular and reliable train services The pattern of metro Robotization in 1997 to build one of the world's first completely programmed underground rail system the North East Line Singapore has three consequently prepared MRT lines to be specific the North East Line the Circle Line and the Downtown Line Profiles of these three MRT lines Future Projects The massive Trans Asian Railway Network consists of three railway lines connecting China and Southeast Asian countries with a length of between 4 500 km and 5 500 km for passenger and freight transport The midline will pass through Laos Thailand and Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia before finally arriving in Singapore

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