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BACKGROUND OF STUDY Skin are composed of epidermis dermis and skin appendages which include the hair follicle and sebaceous gland If an area skin are cut and being exposed to surrounding then is when the natural phenomenon called wound healing process is initiated Wound healing involves regulated order of cellular and biochemical actions to reinstate tissue after injury During healing a complex cascade of cellular are interact together and started to generate resurfacing reconstitution process and restore the tensile strength of injured skin The process systematically undergone these traditional stages which are inflammation proliferation and maturation phases Immune cells have their integral function in wound healing beyond their role in respective stages Normal and impaired wound healing post significant problems related to health care and expenditure Most of the medications used for wound healing are chemical based which might cause unwanted side effects with prolong used such as hyper scarring thus studies using natural products are now deem important Flaxseed is a natural product that enhances the immune system functioning against different diseases Nevertheless limited studies have been done looking into this response triggered by flaxseed extract especially during wound healing 1 2

STATEMENT OF PROBLEM There were many studies conducted in the past on which drugs that can accelerate wound healing and it has become a crucial issue in biomedical science Plenty of herbs and plants have been experimentally used to treat the wounded skins with traditional medications Flaxseed is known to rich of essentials fatty acid alpha linolenic acid which is biological precursor to omega 3 fatty acids Potential of anti cardiovascular disease activity anti renal disease anti inflammation and some autoimmune disease have been discovered in past studies on this plant Thus the present study will be done for flaxseed one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world to evaluate the probable wound healing characterization of flaxseed on experiment 1 3 PURPOSE OF STUDY Skin wounds are usually divided into acute and chronic wounds Traumatic or surgical acute wounds are usually heal over time according to the regular wound healing process Acute skin wounds can be differ from shallow scratches to deep wounds that depends on the amounts of tissue loss and damage to blood vessels in the body nerves muscles or other tissues or internal organs The larger the wound the more intensive the body's response to injury The systemic responses to trauma involve the body's inflammatory and immunomodulatory cellular and humoral networks Kristo N et al 2013 If these local and systemic responses do not initiate the recovery properly their constant stimulation may cause extensive organ damage Schweizer M L and Herwaldt L A 2012 There are various cell types growth factors cytokines and chemokines that control the complex physiological process of acute wound healing 

Most of all this is the body's built in way of responding to injury for survival During the healing process cells such as platelets fibroblasts and keratinocytes will be preprogrammed and undergo distinct changes to their gene phenotype In consequences the skin will progressed according to its environment where the classical phases of wound healing takes place in which the homeostasis involve the inflammation the formation of new tissues and finally mature and remodeling into a defined tissue This process is a detailed interaction between most of the cell types involving different forms of intercellular signaling According the usual normal healing process most of the wounds heal rather quickly and fast within a few weeks Skin serves crucial part of the body as it protects and act as a barrier to prevent against physical and chemical threats exposure to radiation or thermal stress and stop the pathogen Afshar M and Gallo R L 2013 The infected wounded site is under constant microbial pressure and this way a shallow skin wound is practically never sterile According to surrounding conditions size and the wound s depth as well as the patient's immune ability treatment of wound infections can range from easy to practically impossible Therefore one of the major goals in wound healing research is to explain and improve the local antimicrobial mechanism 

SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY Flaxseed has been picked as the main focus in this study because of the benefits extend beyond its high omega 3 content which is why flaxseed known as one of nature's richest and best sources of vegetable based vital omega 3 fatty acids The oil that is extracted from the plant is recognized as extremely nutritious supplement and can prevent disease Flaxseed oil contains about 50 60 omega 3 fatty acids in the form of alpha linolenic acid ALA which play important roles in all sorts of bodily processes The characteristic of flaxseed that loaded with omega 3 has being well recognized and previous researchers proved that ALA in the extracted flaxseed can reduce cancer cell growth and induce apoptosis Besides omega 3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation and essential fatty acids help improve skin elasticity and texture making flaxseed oil one of the top choices for improved skin health in general and pesky skin Wendy O et al 2012 1 8 LIMITATIONS OF STUDY Various animal models have been used in wound healing research field but most of them are commonly from rodents and pig models This is probably because of sophisticated research methodologies from previous studies and as the proper care and ethical use of these species are highly developed and organized to serve science throughout the world Since many of animal models that are used as subject the results and translation of healing mechanisms might be affected because of the anatomical and physiological differences which are vary Therefore more ways to study the wound healing direct on human mechanism should be introduced to avoid species specific misinformation

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