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Skinhead is a member of a subculture that originated among working class youngsters in London England It started to grow in 1960s and shortly after spread to the other parts of United Kingdom In 1980 skinhead subculture was spreading worldwide with second working class skinhead movement Skinheads defined by their shaved or short trimmed hair and working class clothing such as boots braces high ankle straight jeans and simple shirts were motivated by social alienation expression of alternate values and working class solidarity Skinheads were known for rioting against 1950s early and 1960s strictness and conservatism Hippies and other peace and love movements were also being rejected by skinhead movement The movement of skinhead peaked during 1960s and a revival in 1980s but since then it got obsolete Instead they were drawn more towards black music and fashion especially Jamaican rude Boys Mod subculture and Jamaican British and Jamaican immigrant rude boy subculture were slowly adopted by skinheads Both skinhead generations were heavily influenced by African American rhythms and sounds mainly ska and dub but also reggae and other deep beat genres In 1980s most of the second generation skinhead consisted of ex punkers

Many of the second generation ex punk skinheads though fans of reggae and ska like the first generation continued to listen and create punk music and were heavily under the influence of punk subculture From this point skinhead subculture was in conjunction with pun subculture and frequently mistaken with each other 1980s skinhead were closely bonded with first punk wave working class Oi Also the clothing changed from clean cut 1960 to more casual hardcore and punk styles As the political connections grew stronger during early 1980s and split the subculture in far right and far left even though many skins would say that they are apolitical Skinhead movement was immensely regionalised and excluded by moral norms of society As a result it often attracted some violent and aggressive political elements and was tainted in the mid 1980s by hysteria of violent racial elements of extreme racism According to Bill Osgerby It s unfortunate that the racist elements have become such a by word for skinhead culture The media has played its part in this but by the same token it s clear the fascist element has always been vocal in skinhead culture The sad bit is that the more enlightened anti fascist aspects have not better promoted themselves In the 1990s Neo Nazi youngsters in the former East Germany Spain Finland Central and Eastern European countries adopted the style Many remain influenced by left wing politics that have been part of the movement since the beginning Other are trying to embrace the subculture as an apolitical working class movement

At the beginning skinhead were not part of any political movement until 1970s During 1970s skinheads were more and more politically active and racially motivated skinhead violence began spreading in United Kingdom As a result far right groups as the National Front and the British Movement and began to push white power skinheads It didn t take long time for skinhead subculture to be seen in the eyes of public as a movement that promotes hate racism and neo Nazism Term skinhead was widely used in media in conjunction with racist violence and it didn t matter if skinhead were responsible or not Media widely contributed for skewing the perception of skinhead subculture In 1980s three notable groups formed under the influence of white power skinheads White Aryan Resistance Blood and Honour and Hammerskins There were to skinhead groups that took a stand against Neo Nazi and extremism Glasgow Spy Kids and Hard as Nails Many skinheads in the United Kingdom rejected both political parties This anti extremist attitude mas musically represented by Oi Bands as Toys Dolls and

The Business The questions rise Did Skinhead subculture help to create Neo Nazi and other extremists movement or did extremists movements capitalize on skinhead subculture The share similar music similar clothing style and way of life Their views are similar in one way but much more diverse in other ways They both tend have different values than public society but one of them keeps in the closed circle and the other is trying to spread it as a mentality Who should we blame for transformation of movement of workers to fearful Neo Nazi extremists Can we blame the music lifestyle or our own bare humanity or media that depicted this subculture as violent and dangerous caused by lack of research dignity rationality and hooked by selling s Did skinhead become scapegoat to bestiality and stupidity of humanity and how does it differ from Punk subculture and Neo Nazi and other white supremacy subcultures Skinhead subculture may have different meaning than we might think There are points of view on this issue Skins are generally seen as self titled independent rebels which are trying to live above the law social morals and try to resolve problems by their own standards usually through violence and bullying While it may be true that original ideology of Skinhead subculture is differ vastly from its todays form it changed became something different and provided growing soil for nowadays aggressive form of skinhead subculture At the beginning first skinheads were non political but many of them were drawn to extreme nationalist and especially anti immigrant groups The movement got strongly politicized

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