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Slaughterhouse Five is one of the best book that I have ever read I would even call it a masterpiece Kurt Vonnegut s anonymous and bizarre first person narrator is what makes it so interesting I would say that this book is a mix of satire and postmodern writing Even though Vonnegut has written this book in modern English it is still very difficult to try to understand what he is trying to say because this is not a simple book He has a unique and dense with only dialogue and action writing style that I find fascinating The war is nearly over The locomotives began to move east in late December The war would end in May German prisons everywhere were absolutely full and there was no longer any food for the prisoners to eat and no longer any fuel to keep them warm And yet here came more prisoners Vonnegut As for the plot it is very interesting I find it very fascinating how the little vignettes and colourful characters that Vonnegut created I personally loved the fact how I as the reader is never sure whether Billy is actually travelling through different times and places or he just has a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to his past incidents I also liked how the book is about giving the readers an anti war message Slaughterhouse Five has that imaginative humanity and also gleeful appreciation in Vonnegut's other books but this book is all about impenetrable a tragic fact that gives it a unique tragedy and humor 

He is in a constant state of stage fright he says because he never knows what part of his life he is going to have to act in next Vonnegut 23 In just a few short lines Vonnegut has told us what the book is all about In the book Kurt Vonnegut showed that the characters especially Billy Pilgrim revolves around fate and free will I think that it is like this because Billy always accept every event in his life just because he believed that there is no way he can change his past or future Most of the characters in the book are known for their limitation of freedom I think that this two reasons are linked to today's society These days people tends to accept every bad or good thing that are given or shown to them and they are not even trying to do anything to prevent it While reading the book I thought that the main character Billy Pilgrim a tall and weak man and shaped like a bottle of Coca Cola who was born in Ilium New York might have a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD which means disorder that develops in some people that have experienced a shocking or dangerous event and it serves to tell that purpose The reason why I think like this is because Billy demonstrates the effects of PTSD on his mind I think that it is possible that he was not time travelling but instead he becomes unstuck in time because he has to deal with his traumatic experiences during the war Also the fact that he did not start talking about his experiences with the Tralfamadorian until the plane crash is one of the reason to why I believe that his beliefs might be a sign of trauma It might also be that Billy is just an old man sitting at his home and his daughter is taking care of him 

When he closed his eyes his memories during the war came back to him and he started to dream about traveling through time and space So it goes This quote is equalizing all of them whether if it is natural accidental intentional or maybe a very personal one The repetition of this phrase is what punctuates it and makes it interesting it also draws even more attention to the story The Tralfamadorian has a different meaning to this phrase To them it means that the dead person is in a bad condition in that moment but they are fine in other times However I think differently Somehow I can relate this phrase to a religious phrase which is Amen The reason to why I think like this is because this quote shows up everytime someone or something died so it is similar to an action that respects life and death When something like Slaughterhouse Five is accepted or going into this new and popular culture maybe being copied or repeated every time we try to go back to the original it might feel like there is nothing special about it I think that books similar to Slaughterhouse Five can influence our culture so much that it can no longer be exciting It is like seeing something for the first time you knew the shape and form of it also seen it reproduced or maybe seen the sculptures of a human form with beautiful details But what might blew you away was the fact that you are seeing it amongst other beautiful sculptures Some things can be beautiful but for you to be able to understand or see its true beauty you have to see it next to some other beautiful objects that were produced in the same period This book may sound very confusing at first it might also sound like it is Vonnegut's way to get a weird and crazy universe to make sense However there is actually so much more to this book This whole book is very difficult to understand but on the other hand it can be both sad and enjoyable Some people might call this style as very Vonnegut ish which mean that the readers will either love or hate it

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