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As defined by Merriam Webster dictionary social media are forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information ideas personal messages and other content Dictionary by Merriam Webster This term coined in 2004 has had a large impact on marketing procedures and techniques Organizations that are affected can range from local to Fortune 500 companies Social media sites such as Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn and many more have evolved from providing a person to person communication outlet to being a brand to person communication center Hicks While originally social media seemed to be just a fad statistics show that social media has grown tremendously and is here to stay When Pew Research Center began tracking social media applications in 2005 only 5 percent of American adults used at least one of these websites By 2011 that number had increased to half of all Americans and today 69 percent of the public uses some type of social media on a daily basis Nakaya This fact alone shows how increasingly popular social media sites have become in recent years In 1994 Geocities was created by David Bonnett and John Rezner This site was used as a host for other websites The Brief In 2009 the site shut down Following were sites such as Friendster AOL Instant Messenger and MySpace Zimmerman However these sites were just the start of social media In 2004 Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University

Once created Facebook spread rapidly to college and high school students Currently Facebook remains 1 in top advertising platforms Social Facebook was so popular because of the originally it provided No one had ever seen such a website as Facebook was However many popular ancestors have come before social media Some include the telephone radio and television The Brief Since 2010 the number of young people claiming to see news or news headlines on social networking platforms doubled from 9 percent to 19 percent Social As technology has continued to develop and the likelihood for people to connect has become easier the world has become a much smaller place However the struggles of achieving appropriate uses of these sites have increased Marketing managers and business owners often wonder how much time should be devoted to digital promotion and if traditional media should still be used still There is no doubt that social media has become an important part of life for the majority of Americans and thousands around the world Social Media is beneficial to businesses for advertising purposes because of the advanced targeting options it provides In addition social media has drastically changed the way companies handle advertising through their brand reputation customer service customer attainment and promotional tactics Social networks are widely used to advertise because they gather a large amount of user information and are able to target audiences in a wider variety of ways Marketing segmentation is a technique used to define various niche audiences by where they live and how they spend their time and money Zimmerman Demographics are the most common way companies try to target their potential customers This method includes categories such as gender age ethnicity and marital status Zimmerman Sites such as Quantcast and Alexa provide demographic information that is compared to the overall Internet population

Zimmerman It is important to understand the demographics of the target audience so brands can know which social media sites to advertise on Many different sites are used by different kinds of people For example according to Pew Research Center 72 percent of online American adults use Facebook and 28 percent of adults use Instagram Pew If an advertisement is directed more towards older adults companies should realize that they need to create ads on Facebook Instagram should not be used as much because a much lower percentage of adults use this site In addition geographic location is another important segmentation for targeting customers Organizations should market by country region or city Geographic location makes sense to track because a company wants to make sure their target audience is within a certain distance from their store or headquarters Zimmerman It would not make sense to send advertisements to individuals across the continent who have no interest in the products or services Social media sites have make tracking geographic location much easier than using traditional ways For example twitter uses near a specified location Zimmerman Users can add their location pin to any tweet they post A current location will appear as well as nearby restaurants stores or communities Several companies often will combine geographical information with demographic and behavioral characteristics to create a more accurate audience for their products This function can provide a much higher level of personalization which is not achievable on any other platform

Following psychographics or lifestyle targeting are analyzed when deciding a specific market Psychographic segmentation divides a market by social class lifestyle shared activities or interests Zimmerman Behavioral segmentation divides these buyers based on their uses responses or attitudes towards a product or service Ganguly These advanced methods can increase an advertisements relevance to their users and can help companies decide if customers are interested in different areas This may include high end brands home decor vacation destinations or new restaurants Quancasts is a website that can estimate other interests based on browsing behaviors of internet users Ganguly Interests can be as general as the automobile industry or as specific as convertibles By segmenting by affinity it can fill in the blank at the end of People who like this also like statement Zimmerman Marketing while keeping in mind psychographic qualities is very important when deciding how an ad can reach its highest potential Therefore social media has improved how companies can target their potential customers through demographic geographic and psychographic ways

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