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1 Introduction 1 1 Background of Study By following the pace of new generations technologies are improving day by day it is so important in our current society and our foreseeable society as well People all around the world are affected by technology both positively and negatively As we utilise technology in almost everything for our daily lives such as communication transportation medical and more Technology helps us to extend our ability so that we can complete our task in a faster and easier way In today's world communications are strongly affected by social media Social media is growing rapidly due to the advancement in technology Social media is a platform to reflect on all aspects of everyday life and expended as key locations for networking and socialising Townsend Wallace 2016 There are many social networking sites that provides people to interact digitally with each other such as Facebook Twitter Instagram E mail and more For example entrepreneur use email to communicate and to manage a good relationship with other businessmen from every world 

Other than that students use handphone to communicate with friends than spending their time in face to face communicate Roxane Gay once said that Social media is something of a double edged sword In a better aspect social media offers people to communicate and to be more attention in the issues they faced In a worse aspect social media also provides everyone an extraordinary opportunity to share in collective outrage without reflection 1 2 Problem Statement In this generation of technology replaced human it has appallingly obvious that technology and social media affects the communication negatively Technology has played an integral part of how people communicate with other people via electronic devices than face to face People addicted in using electronic devices to communicate that causes our communication skills has gradually decreased and lost the ability in expressing their emotions in face to face Due to the technology getting advance social media had become an addiction like cocaine to everyone Nowadays we can observe that majority of the people are using smartphones or tablets whenever they go even walking it has become a necessity like our basic need to mankind that we can t live without it Deloitte and Gallup found that most of the Americans are checking their phones at least hourly and about 8 billion times per days

We rely heavily on technology and changed the way how they communicate as it has taken place of the aboriginal such as alarm clocks music players computers televisions and even face to face communication Ultius 2016 Outdoor activities have been neglected by the people as they are distracted by social media and tend to spend most of their pressures time in texting playing online games and video chatting People use social media like emails and other social networks to stay completely connected with outside world and make it possible for one to go months without human interaction Ultius 2016 It has lessen the time that we could spend in more useful way such as chatting with friends or family during dinner time and go for vacations during holidays Dragon 2015 a couples decide to ditch their plans to go hiking and spend the day thoroughly attached to their tablets Deloitte found that 81 of Americans playing phone while having meals in restaurant Furthermore people nowadays find way hard to speak out and express their feelings In this case especially for children they are facing the problem of autism and depression as they do not know how to express their feelings by speaking out personally Also children feel lonely as they think that there is nobody talk and listen to them 

So instead they choose to keep inside themselves or either publish to social media to get likes from outsider and make themselves feel exist Solomon 2014 I feel extremely downed and I feel like there is no one I could tell a woman named Claudia Weaver said Many students neglected to engage in any conversation while having lunch with their friends at Lakeside Dining Hall Drago 2015 However how technology and social media affects communication are depend on how we used it There are several ways to diminish the amount of people using the smartphones and tablet to avoid people immersed to digital world For an example a Massachusetts family established a rule that smartphones or tablets are not allowed to use once in a week For example some of the Los Angeles restaurant have set that phone is prohibited so to make sure that customers are enjoyed with their meals Drago 2015 1 3 Aims and research questions 

The aim of this study is to alert people nowadays to be conscious of the communication problem are getting worse due to the technology is getting advance From 1995 the originate sixteen million of the number of worldwide internet users has increased to more than two thousand million in 2012 Brown 2013 This paper investigates how the growth of the technology from old generation to current generation affects people's communication skills This research is to spread awareness to the people by emphasising the declination of communication in today's world There are few solutions to diminish the amount of people using technologies and social media Research Question are stated as below Q1 How long do most of the people spend their time on social media daily Q2 Why is it so important to communicate with face to face Q3 How technology and social media change the way people communicates

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