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Social media sites are elaborated as a public web based service that enable individuals to design an individual profile recognize other users with whom they have a connection read and comment to postings that they have posted on the site They can even privately or publicly send message to whoever they want Some examples of social media sites are Facebook Instagram Twitter Snapchat WhatsApp and a whole lot more Social media sites allow people to communicate with the world share their thoughts or views or upload photographs and videos about their daily life and many more The number of social media users has been growing at a tremendous rate in recent years In the year 2017 more than 3 billion of people logged into their social media accounts each day in other words approximately fifty percent of the global population use part of their day to update story or status It has increased around 22 compared to the year 2016 Indeed social media brings benefits to us helping us to save time and cost for example we don't have to travel far just to pass a message to another person and it helps us in improving our work efficiency However on the other side of the coin it brings disadvantages too A research has shown that 18 of the social media users cannot stay up for few hours without going Facebook and 28 of them the first thing they do after they wake up is to check their Twitter People especially youths and students are most likely to get addicted to social media nowadays as they spend too much time on social media Tabs and phone will never be away from them which will eventually cause procrastination and poor time management and affect them such as their work and academic performance

Academic performance is the outgrowth of education it is determined by the performance of students on their coursework and examinations It is important for a person as this is the thing that represent our knowledge and skills which will be helpful for our job in the future Without a good performance it would be hard to find a job or working environment that you are satisfy with In recent years social media sites have been developed at an accelerating rate and it has been known that technology is one of the factor to succeed Over the years there have been many research on how social media affects students in their college or university life Many parents are worried that their children are wasting time on social media sites and not having sufficient time to revise and study However social media brings benefits to the students too It helps in their studies like students can find their friends on social media when they face problems while they are doing their homework Therefore my research is to investigate on how social media can help in students academic It is important to do this research so that students can know more about of their usage of social media and how it would affect in their academic

Social media is a sequence of network and functions that are created for people of all ages to post about their daily life at anytime and anywhere According to Boyd Allison 2008 social media sites have developed into the most popular online communication tool that enable people to design an account with a private or public profile and communicate or connect with people It includes blogs newsfeed information networks like Twitter and social medias such as Facebook and Instagram A research by Kumar and Kumar in an Indian university in the year 2013 found that Facebook was the most known social media between the post graduate and research students and Twitter is the second most known social media application Based on Lenhart et al 2010 over half of the social media users are from 18 to 29 years old and own an individual profile on different social media websites

 Pempek Yermolayeva and Calvert 2009 indicated that the amount of time spent on social media is different for everyone However the data showed that most respondents spent about half an hour on a day socializing most of them are were between 9pm to 12 am For average students spent around 45 minutes a day on Facebook Sheldon 2008 stated that more than half of the college students visit social media times multiple times everyday and Quan Haase and Young 2010 showed that 82 of the students responded that they logged into Facebook few times a day and Pempek et al 2009 stated that younger students used Facebook to contact their peers from secondary school more compared to the older students Besides that there is also a difference on the social media use between genders Sheldon 2008 indicated that woman use social media to contact their relations and intimate and play games when they are free whereas men use social media to interact with new buddies By Baym 2007 college women use spend more time on social media compared to men Other than that educational is part of the reason why people use social media Lenhart et al 2010 stated that people use social media more often if they have to go college to study

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