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Sexual harassment Experiences Qualitative and Quantitative researches

Numbers of researches have been conducted to figure out the ratio of victims In developing countries, unreliable researchers have been found, therefore the true picture of the issue cannot be known. The methods of surveys used are also different in different countries and results differ according to type of questions asked and how many questions were asked. Despite of the difficulties in measuring the sexual harassment experiences qualitative and quantitative researches conducted so far shows that it is a serious issue which is the violation of human rights.

 The two types of research conducted in 16 western European countries in 1988 concluded that. A rough estimate shows that 40- 50 of female employees experienced sexual harassment one way or another at workplace 2/3rd female employees faced verbal sexual harassment and less than 5 reported a physical sexual assault. A psychologist Dr Louise Fitzgerald used his famous Sexual Experiences Questionnaire and exposed that 40 -60 of women in US experienced sexual harassment. The research conducted by an NGO named as Women’s Legal Center in July 2001 found that 76 of women experienced sexual harassment at their workplace, however, 40 left their jobs due to this. A survey conducted by the New Zealand Human Rights Commission in 2000 discovered that 1/3rd of women get sexually harassed and younger women are more vulnerable to it and the commonplace sexual harassment occurs is office.

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Cultural Differences. The Official Language Perhaps the most troubling factor in the Anglo - Mexican relationship

Cultural Differences. The Official Language Perhaps the most troubling factor in the Anglo Mexican relationship. was the cultural conflicts between these two very different people. The Anglos who had agreed to learn the Spanish Language groused about using it for official business and soon began pressing for an exception for Anglos where the Official Language could be dumped for English. The Anglos Faith and Belief. The Anglos had agreed to become Roman Catholics but continued their protestant faith long after they settled in Texas. Although they had promised to fully convert to Roman Catholics some of them found that very difficult when they arrived to Texas. But what do you expect You are basically telling a group of people who have practiced their religion for a thousand years or more to change it all and throw it over their shoulder.

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Low-income populations are negatively impacted by their environment due to many circumstances

Low-income populations are negatively impacted by their environment due to many circumstances including inequalities of resource distributions. Such inequalities include healthcare, food and nutrition, education, housing, pollution, and transportation. The video on unnatural causes of health disparities clearly described the problems racial disparities outlined the multidimensional nature of racism. This video discussed the implication for clinical practices and how race stress and a lack of social support could be addressed. For example, Gua a 49-year-old hardworking janitor refugee suffered a heart attack and also lost his daughter to a gang's shootings in his own house. He later moved to a better environment but could not get a job and had to return. The video also showed how a change of environment could easily transform a person's life. One example in the video a child raised up in this affected community developed asthma due to pollution toxins or other harmful substances in the air and water. The health issues affected his activities including schooling and peer interactions. His life changed by moving to a clean and healthy community. I am motivated by the actions taken by the community members. Professionals in collaboration can rescue these communities with developmental plans supportive to community efforts.

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