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As society embraces technological advances our lives change in order embrace the latest trend Technology is considered a convenience because it makes tasks easier and often saves time Inventors began with simple inventions such as the lightbulb however improvements evolve as society evolves The ratchet effect is a concept in which an improvement never goes backward it only goes forward and continues to improve on itself Matsumoto Juang 2013 Population density and group living are affected by technological advancements creating more accessibility to resources While there are benefits associated with change and growth many people overlook the consequences of innovations and how they negatively impact our lives Population density reflects how many people live in a specified location In the past individuals did not travel far because they had no means to do so This caused population density to be very high in a small number of locations 

During this time people travelled by foot but this method was slow and required a lot of work Land located too far from these resources remained untouched People discovered that animals horses donkeys camels etc were much faster and could carry heavier loads This discovery led to other improvements such as saddles and carriages People began dispersing to find their own land and population density began to fall in established towns What is not discussed is the destruction of land as a result of this progress Deforestation over a long period time has become a concern Destruction of the land causes erosion and loss of habitats for animals The utilization of animals was not considered to be efficient enough and people felt they were restricted to where they could travel Boats were built to cross bodies of water to populate uncharted lands While this was a major advancement there were consequences Boats took months to cross the ocean This led to many deaths and unsanitary living conditions Once boats reached new land the natives were usually forced to relocate because the new arrivals claimed the land as theirs Much later cars were invented in order to shorten the travel time of long trips Roads were built to accommodate this type of travel Along with roads came taxes pollution deadly accidents and eminent domain Eminent domain is a controversial topic Merriam Webster Incorporated 2018 Though taking property may be necessary for the public good it is sometimes difficult to forcibly separate a person from his or her property People claimed the land and were resistant to relinquish their property Cars have contributed to the high population density in urban areas dispersing into rural and suburban areas Population density remains the most concentrated in locations near resources such as food and water Food water and shelter are resources required by every living thing in order to survive In the past people could only access food and water if these provisions were nearby Individuals would barter for necessary supplies or grow their own food in order to survive People lived in groups because they depended on one another for supplies

They worked together and got along because this ensured their survival Eventually stores were built to keep a limited amount of these items available Individuals no longer required their neighbor s assistance to provide for their families A trip to the store allowed access to a variety of goods that did not previously exist Later the U S Postal Service was formed to ship supplies from one location to another Food water and building supplies no longer needed to be within arm's reach Coaches would be packed with many valuable items and then journey to its destination Home delivery services became very popular Unfortunately theft weather and distance could either delay or prevent deliveries from arriving Individuals would be left without their goods and were forced to wait until the next coach could deliver their much anticipated items Even so people were still able to live independent lives due to the services provided by the Postal Service These services have improved over time due to advances in transportation causing an increase in home deliveries This has also more convenient due to the internet With the click of a button a person s order will be processed and shipped to their residence very quickly This leaves no room for human interaction People can exist without ever leaving their homes or interacting with others The ratchet effect on technology has brought many important and beneficial changes However there are consequences that arise with change Improvements in transportation and the increase in the availability of resources have led to fewer interactions amongst individuals As people disperse and decrease communication our society has become more individualistic This makes working together more difficult An effort must be put forth to stay in contact with others making it easy to remain in solitude One must consider both the benefits and consequences of technology and then determine whether advancement is truly an improvement

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