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Smart life solutions from home to city Abstract In the recent years due to huge advancement in semiconductor and software technologies our lives have been made much easier and convenient by the introduction of smart products having advanced functions and low power consumption at affordable prices In the coming years they will be able to connect among themselves to the cloud over network for better performance The cost performance of the system will work according to Moore's Law according to which the number of transistors in the integrated circuit doubles every two years Development of these appliances will not only improve the quality of our lives but also keep updating according to changing trends Keywords technologies smart appliances Moore's Law

I INTRODUCTION By the rate the world is consuming power it is said that the human race will need two earths to satisfy its entire requirement of natural resources and power In the era of Internet of things IoT the need to collectively manage and develop optimized solutions along with sustainable development is the need of the hour Keeping this in mind all electronics companies are in constant competition to develop the best energy efficient products and solutions With constant groundbreaking developments in the field of science and medicine the population of the world continues to age especially in developed countries Added to this the growing urbanization combined with lifestyle diversification encourages the electronic industry to develop newer products to suit constantly changing characteristics and lifestyles of individual customers II SMART LIFE SOLUTIONS Through advances in digitalization and networking digital consumer products now provide technical advances on three fonts components software and communication technologies Smart Av As a consequence of worldwide digitalization there has been a massive growth in Internet services such as 3G and Long Term Evolution LTE This has enabled customers to access personal content including music photos and videos over wireless broadband from anywhere without any time or place constraints and thus share their experiences with others over Internet 

A new technology called WiGig IEEE802 11ad compatible chip has been developed to view shared content without any time or place constraints with lower power consumption and higher speed transmission of content between end use devices This technology is used to form a cornerstone in realizing a smarter AV life Smart Appliances Appliances in any form support people from most basic to most complicated jobs In the world of appliances industry continuously innovates with three perspectives advancement in basic functions which involves understanding customers needs to improve appliance functionality pursuit of universal design which involves reduction of burdens from cognitive and operational perspective thus easing maintenance work and coexistence with the global environment which is reduction of impact on the environment by saving energy and reducing wastage of resources Future appliances will cooperate with other equipments in home to provide not only a comfortable living space but also services in a timely manner These appliances will log data from various sensors to upload it to cloud as log data which will then be used to offer users recommendations and services that make the resident s life more comfortable Smart Energy With rapidly decreasing non renewable natural resources like coal wood etc there has been a huge rise in demand for PhotoVoltaic PV systems which are used to convert sunlight directly into current electricity due to its renewability Home Energy Management Systems HEMSs are experiencing an increasing market presence as they not only display the energy data of appliances but also carries out coordinated control of various energy storing devices Energy Management Systems EMS can be applied diversely to homes stores factories and other buildings 

These will not only save energy but also ensure the stability of the entire region And if integrated into a management system to encompass information network and lifestyle services it can be used from households to towns and more III CONCLUSION Here we have given some of the solutions to make our life simpler by using smart systems or designs For making our lives more convenient the technologies electronics products have achieved extraordinary performances We can easily install variety of sophisticated home automation systems to make our life simpler Smart technologies can provide solutions for cities by helping us save money reduce carbon emissions Further developments can dramatically increase the importance of these systems in near future IV ACKNOWLEDGMENT We would like to express our deepest appreciation to all those who supported us to complete this report We wish to express our sincere gratitude to the IIIT Naya Raipur for providing us an opportunity to take up this project Also we would like to specially thank Dr Ramesh Vaddi Sir for guiding us throughout this project We are also indebted to the technical staff of ECE lab for clearing our doubts whenever required V REFERENCES Himanshu Thapliyal Rajdeep Kumar Nath Saraju P Mohanty Smart home environment for mild cognitive impairment population solutions to improve care and quality of life http ieeexplore ieee org document 8197479 2017 Moath jarrah Farah Al shrida A multi objective evolutionary solution to improve the quality of life in smart cities http ieeexplore ieee org document 8102217 2017 Christian Fabbricatore Markus Zucker Sebastian Ziganki Achim P Karduck Towards an unified architecture for smart home and Ambient Assisted Living solutions A focus on elderly people http ieeexplore ieee org document 5936643 2011 Joy Dutta Sarbani Roy IoT fog cloud based architecture for smart city prototype of a smart building http ieeexplore ieee org document 7943156 2017 Nomusa Dlodlo Oscar Gcaba Andrew Smith Internet of things technologies in smart cities http ieeexplore ieee org document 7530575 2016 Himadri Nath Saha Abhilasha Mandal Abhirup Sinha Recent trends in the internet of things http ieeexplore ieee org document 7868439 2017

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