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Some Thoughts on Art When I was fifteen I found a man in my house Now I see faces in the shadows of my own home I don t go downstairs at night if no one else is awake I am scared to see another face like his That day I lost my sense of safety that home used to bring I think that the paragraph above could be considered art But is it Who s to say that it isn t Maybe its art to me because it holds a deeper meaning and maybe it s not art to someone else because it holds no importance to them Since childhood I have been passionate about visual arts Of all of the various hobbies I commit time and effort to few are as rewarding or engaging as making art I love art in a great deal of ways in part because of the enjoyment of the process I love art because of the ability it has to reach an audience put thought and effort into a piece and have people you might never meet learn something from your creation It quickly becomes more than a pastime or hobby it evolves into a means to explore myself But of all the reasons the one thing I appreciate most about art has been its impact on myself on my development of technical skill and my sense of introspection Art has always been an outlet for me something that I am extremely comfortable with So when we had to write this essay to answer the question what is art I was surprised to find that I was stumped

The question was strange because I thought that I knew exactly what art was But the more I thought about it the more I tumbled down a hole of contemporary thinking Is a picture of a clock on a wall art If a picture of people walking down the street can be hung up in a museum are the people themselves walking down the street in that very moment art Who s to say it s not But if people walking down the street can be considered art couldn t that mean that life entirely and everything in it is art So what really is art Is art only art with intention But if that doesn t intention from eye of the beholder differ from a passerby or the intention that which the artist had in the first place What makes an artist Are you an artist am I an artist In theory couldn t we all be artists if we intended to be Does art serve a purpose Does art have a noise a feeling Can you see it or feel it Is art creative Many people hold a subjective view that art is beauty and I guess we call beauty that which gives us a particular kind of pleasure But with this another question submerges itself What exactly is beautiful what is beauty If art is that which makes beauty manifest and beauty is that which pleases without exciting desire is there ugly art 

Or does ugly art not exist because to someone it may be beautiful and may have a deeper underlying importance to them Many contemporary pieces for example do not hold a traditional sense of beauty So at this point I loop back Beauty being in the eye of the beholder and art being art because one intends it to be In all realness one could say anything about anything and it would be exactly that if they themselves wanted it to be That does not mean that someone else must think the same It s hard to explain or really understand the reason behind why one thing pleases one man and displeases another Jerzy Kosinski said The principle of true art is not to portray but to evoke I like this because I think good art causes the receiver to have a reaction Just as words transmit thoughts art transmits feeling Whether those feelings are confusion while looking at a chair sitting in the middle of a white room or the feeling of utter joy when looking at a painting of a laughing child Maybe the job of an artist is to awaken a feeling that one has at some point in time experienced and to transmit that feeling to others through forms and colours sounds or movements Through writing this it has become clear to me that the defining features of what it takes for something to be art is not particularly simple to pinpoint With this all in mind I come to a personal decision that art serves as a medium for communicating emotions It is true that we feel certain emotions that artwork can convey

These emotions can be infectious for example when listening to a particularly upbeat song we may suddenly feel a sense of happiness Emotions consist of many different forms Happiness stretches from satisfaction to elation and it is perhaps the individuality of feelings that artists contribute to the quality of artwork It feels very easy to suggest that if art really is so difficult to define then maybe it is a subjective or even social concept and what it is should be left for people to determine for themselves But that isn t an adequate conclusion because that makes it pretty difficult to talk in a meaningful way about art or what one considers being good or bad art as each have a different idea of what art really is So in conclusion to say that art is something that which cannot be defined is oddly in itself defining it in a particularly unsatisfactory way as it achieves nothing It is for this exact reason that a conceptual definition of art is preferable to not having one at all

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