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Chocolate Sometimes a girl's gotta have some chocolate according to Carrie Underwood Although chocolate is not just for girls many people believe the quote is absolutely true Chocolate is a sweet treat people often enjoy Chocolate is known for its long history in depth growing harvesting and manufacturing process variety of products and foods and well known production companies Chocolate is believed to have been first discovered nearly 4 000 years ago by pre Olmec cultures in what is now known as Mexico They would brew a chocolate drink using cacao beans ground into a paste and mixed with a variety of spices vanilla honey and water It had more of a bitter taste not the sweet chocolate people know today Explorer Christopher Columbus originally took cocoa beans to Spain in the 1500s It was kept a secret for close to a century However the secret ended when King Phillip III s daughter married France's King Louis XIII in 1615 The new queen s love for chocolate spread and became popular with the wealthy In 1828 Coenraad Johannes invented a cocoa press that changed how chocolate was used The cocoa press would squeeze the cocoa butter from roasted cacao beans The powder left from this process could be mixed with liquids and poured into molds

The result was a solid edible chocolate With this invention chocolate was then available to everyone not just the wealthy In 1847 J S Fry and Sons made the first chocolate bar In 1879 Rodolphe Lindt invented the conching machine This made it possible to mass produce chocolate in factories Chocolate has changed and developed over the years due to numerous inventions and discoveries Klein Cocoa is grown throughout the world in warm wet climates However the top ten cocoa producing countries are Dominican Republic Peru Mexico Ecuador Brazil Cameroon Nigeria Indonesia Ghana and Cote d lvoire Mattyasovszky A cacao tree produces pods One cacao tree can produce close to 2 000 pods each year Inside these pods are around 40 beans and a sticky white pulp The pods are harvested two times a year The next step in the harvesting process is fermentation During fermentation the taste begins to change The bitterness starts to leave the beans and a more edible taste begins to develop Fermentation length could last a few days or a couple of weeks After fermentation the beans are dried in the sun During the drying process the taste continues to develop After the beans are dried they are shipped to factories to be turned into chocolate Once at the factory cacao beans are weighed and sorted Then they are roasted which brings out the flavor of the beans Next the beans are cracked and the outer shells are blown away What is left are the cacao nibs which are edible but still bitter The nibs are then turned into a paste called chocolate liqueur Vanilla milk sugar and cocoa butter are added to the chocolate liquor to make it sweeter Then it is put into a conching machine that mixes everything together The final step is tempering the chocolate stirring cooling and heating back up at a slow pace Sharp Many products and foods are made from cocoa The cocoa pod husks and pulp have a variety of uses For example animal feed can be made from the cocoa husks Soft drinks and alcohol can be made using the pulp Jams and marmalade can also be made using the pulp

Mulch can be made from the cocoa bean shells Once the cocoa beans have gone through the fermentation process and dried many products and foods can be made For example cocoa butter can be used to help make chocolate but it can also be used to make moisturizing creams and soaps Cocoa liquor is also used to help make chocolate Cocoa powder can be added to many different recipes to make drinks cakes ice cream and sauces International Cocoa Organization Many manufacturing companies produce chocolate One example is Hershey s It is an American company founded by Milton S Hershey in 1894 in Lancaster Pennsylvania He moved his company to Derry Township and developed a model town in which his workers could be comfortable That model town became known as Hershey Pennsylvania The Hershey Company produces a variety of candy including Hershey s Hershey s with almonds Hershey s Kisses Reese s Peanut Butter Cups Mounds and Whoppers Hershey Park is also located in Hershey Pennsylvania Hershey Park was developed by Milton S Hershey as a place for his employees to use for leisure It has grown over the years and become a major theme park for people to enjoy While there people can enjoy amusement rides tour a chocolate factory to learn how chocolate is made tour a museum to learn more about Milton S Hershey and meet the Hershey Park characters Hersheypark com Another example of a chocolate manufacturing company is Mars Frank C Mars first starts his basket candies business in Minneapolis Minnesota in 1920 In 1923 he introduced the Milky Way candy bar In 1929 the company relocated to Chicago Illinois In 1930 the Snickers candy bar was introduced and 3 Musketeers in 1932 Mars Incorporated also produces non chocolate products as well They produce Uncle Ben's Rice and various dog and cat foods Mars com Chocolate has a long history going back nearly 4 000 years The growing harvesting and manufacturing of the cacao bean chocolate is an extremely in depth process to make the chocolate people know and love Many products and foods can be made from chocolate Companies in the United States and in other countries produce huge amounts of chocolate and chocolate products Most people cannot pass up a bite of chocolate It is considered by many as a delicious sweet treat that makes everything better

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