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Somewhere there is a dog that got put down because it was sick hit by a car chasing after its favorite go fetch toy a dog that passed away because of old age There is a phrase that says a dog is a man's best friend What if instead of being our best friend they are an ugly science experiment Product companies science labs and medical labs are testing and performing experiments on animals These tests and experiments lead to either severe problems or conditions or death Over 100 million animals die in labs for numerous reasons Some of these tests and experiments don t even benefit researchers animals or people as a whole Doing research on products and purchasing products that don't test on animals is a big contribution it's as simple as going on google and searching cruelty free product companies and brands The way I see it doing this lets the company know that they are doing something wrong because their sales will drop and they wouldn't be earning enough money If you re someone who likes makeup and you find out that the brand of makeup you buy tests their products on animals and you stop buying it that's less money in the pocket of people who are cruel to animals 

When they don't earn enough money they won't have the money to create more products that will be tested on animals Also the charities that you and your parents are contributing money to aren't really doing the things they claim to be doing Even if they are they are hurting one species to try and help another Be sure to do your research on your favorite hair product chapstick cleaning product and even pain medicine before support something you re unaware of Yes some results of testing on animals was successful to humankind but there are other ways to go like vitro Vitro advanced technological is a new method of testing that doesn't require animals at all it is more effective and it uses human cell and tissue cultures If it's not brought to the attention of people that there is another option then nothing will be done and animals will continue to be tortured The word has to be spread about what's going on people have to be educated on the cruel inhumane ways of these scientists product companies and medical research centers I am not the one to blame anyone and yes it can be said that you weren't aware of their wrongdoing but now you re if you were aware before shame on you because poor animals that have done nothing wrong are dead because you hose to sit back and let it happen Now there is something to be done 

The science labs and product companies can hear what you have to say there is nothing bad in calling companies and asking why they test their products on animals Have you ever dissected an animal cut it open and study its insides Was it not disturbing to you Well in labs they do worse and in some cases the animal is still alive and standing while they are getting injected cut open and their insides are being examined and messed with What if you were in the place of that animal even if you were injected with something to numb the pain don't you think you will be in pain after that's how it goes in surgical procedures In the case of an animal they might not have it that good While I ve been speaking have you thought of the newborn animals at all Animals that from birth haven't known freedom or how they are supposed to live some don't even know their mothers or have seen their mothers die or being tortured in front of their eyes as a little mental experiment speaking of the labs and products companies letting them know that you know what's going on and don't find it acceptable is another good way to start they can also be boycotted 

Yes there is not a specific way of voting against experimentation on animals but there is a way you can vote with bills that come out of your pocket you can save money instead of spending it on something that does harm Less money will be provided to the companies and labs the fewer people buy their products and fund their procedures If not that then the deaths of animals will increase and what if the animals they are using is not enough and they have to use animals that are more important to the food chain animals that can end not only animal life on earth and make more animals extinct but also start ending human lives on earth Yes if there are no animals on earth to eat everyone can just go vegan or vegetarian but at the same time some people are allergic to some fruits and vegetables like I am Some people need to get their nutrients from meat for one reason or another Why do scientists need to test hair products and makeup products anyways there are millions of hair makeup and body products already introduced to the world that can fulfill the needs of all why is there a need for more These companies are being greedy and are saying animal lives don't matter as much as humans lives If that weren't the case they would not be testing mascaras on animals and would test them on humans the consumers of these products It's easier for scientists and companies because animals can't speak up animals can t sue The companies are protecting themselves so they won't lose or waste money on paying human volunteers and dealing with the consequences of their products

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