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Songs are used to express one’s emotions while motivating them like slaves did when they had to endure hard work In addition songs can serve as a clue into history like the songs that were created during the time of slavery in the 1950s Craig Werner in chapter one of Understanding Black American Aspects in Hip Hop Cinema claims that the Blues is tied to the reality of living in a culture that routinely made life dangerous for its Black citizens but one in which Blacks nonetheless found ways to reach a passionate detachment 5 Blackman In Effect by Boogie Down Productions raps about the disadvantages of being Black and how it is important for the Blacks to start ending these unfair shortcomings by educating themselves and reteaching the society Blackman In Effect and its lyrics relates to the theme of understanding the importance of history s origin while urging the young African Americans to actually learn in school instead of memorizing facts to pass the class and the power of knowledge which is validated through the ideas of acknowledging oneself from the three step processes of the blues the advocacy found in S Craig Watkins article and the urge for change expressed in the documentary Rap Looking for the Perfect Beat The purpose of the blues music as Watkins describes is to encompass a philosophy of life Sanchez 

5 Boogie Down Productions motivation to write Blackman In Effect stemmed from the urgent need for the black youth to change society and fight for their power by learning the facts He makes this clear when he raps every hour We run to school trying to get straight A s The three step processes of the blues as said by Craig Werner is 1 fingering the jagged grain of your brutal experience 2 finding a near tragic near comic voice to express that experience and 3 reaffirming your existence Sanchez 5 Boogie Down Productions is tired of being mistreated by the Whites and not receiving the fair treatment promised after slavery was emancipated therefore through this rap he hopes to be able to send a message that will have a positive impact on a struggling society The brutal experience that Boogie Down Production is found when he raps Boogie Down Production finds his near tragic voice when he raps This is the language of the people ready to hear the truth But anyway I say today the message I create is great I don t preach hate I simply get the record straight It is clear to note that Boogie Down Productions is sick of the current society's views towards African Americans and the lower life that African Americans are forced to live and endure through To fix this issue gain the equality that the African Americans long deserve and validate themselves Boogie Down Production urges the people to fight back with intellect He states this when he raps Wake up Take the pillow from your head and put a book in it It's time for the massive BDP crew at the top of the pile Boogie Down Production believes that knowledge is power and through that power the African Americans can push through the segregation In addition to the three step processes of the blues bringing to light the theme of Blackman in Effect S Craig 

Watkins article of representing Social Conservatism and the Culture Wars in Hip Hop Culture and the Production of Black Cinema pursues to bring awareness to the growing racial gap and the importance of knowledge is power When War on Drugs and Reaganism came to fruition these acts drew a deeper segregation between the whites and the blacks War on Drugs made blacks specifically poor young black males as the bad criminal targets The dramatic play on law and order sharpened the racial dimensions of the discourse and clearly embodied the hostile relationship between social conservatism and America's inner cities especially poor black and Latino youth Watkins 37 This act was able to draw a bad rap about minorities especially African Americans and as a result the African Americans either rebelled rapped and got into trouble or stayed quiet As Boogie Down Production raps Now in 90 you want silence Well I want science not silence but science Scientific fact about black Boogie Down Production refuses to stay silent after the years of cruelty and if the society wants him to stay quiet then they must provide him with valid evidence Watkins points out that whites and blacks not only live in segregated neighborhoods but also reside in segregated popular culture worlds 47 This segregation was caused by a misconception Once the evidence is laid out the whites will realize that they are all the same and evolved from the same origins and peace and equality will come as stated by Boogie Down Production in the lyrics this is the missing link and mystery Once we realize that all are African White will sit down with black and laugh again Lastly the documentary Rap Looking for the Perfect Beat discusses the urban African American experience civil rights social responsibility and other pressing topics through the views of various top rappers of the time This documentary on rap helps clarify the motives behind Blackman In Effect and the point of view of Boogie Down Productions As stated in the documentary rap music makes up for its lack of melody for its sense of reminder Boogie Down Production raps in Blackman In Effect But according to facts this seems just fantasy Because man the most ancient man Was found thousands of years before Adam began And where he was found again they can't laugh at ya It's right dead smack in Africa Boogie Down Production reminds society that according to research studies show that modern humans are anatomically derived from Africa but society does not remember that and condescendingly ostracize African Americans

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