Essay Example on SOP Ever since I had seen a computer during my Childhood









Statement of Purpose SOP Ever since I had seen a computer during my childhood I was drawn to this machine which seemed like magic to me at that time It is from there began my journey to study about this magic that I felt My parents saw this interest in me and encouraged me to follow it at a very young age The only memory I have is that of playing games on the computer and being amazed at what this machine could do I did not have the slightest idea of how the computer worked but was keen to learn it later on in my academics During my school summer vacations I took classes to learn the various tools of MS Office In the 9th grade I learnt the basics of C programming which laid the foundation for my interest in computer software I completed my schooling from Sambhaji Rao Shinde Prashala in Solapur India Participating in technical fests organized by my school helped me to get a better understanding of science By securing 76 76 in my SSC exams further encouraged me to try and secure admission in a good college where I could explore the interests which I wanted 

As my interest was in a technical field I chose a diploma course in Information Technology which would help me gain valuable technical knowledge in computer related core subjects It was here that I learnt the importance of a programming language like C in practical applications Mathematics too was a core subject which included topics like determinant matrices derivatives and integration I take pride in stating that along with a friend we launched a website for Club of Information Technology Students i e CITS having a domain name www cits12 com This was a website which helped students to have a better understanding of the Information Technology department of our college Apart from that we did our final year diploma Project and I was group leader of that project named Employee Attendance and Payroll System in c and as a result of good team work we secured 1st rank in the departmental level project competition and in the same year I passed my diploma with 69 38 and that was very important for me and my father Early in my undergraduates in JSPM s Jayawant Rao Sawant college of engineering Hadapsar Pune I was introduced to c data structure Java programming language Java was the most powerful and robust language which fascinated me the most I had some subject like machine Learning where I learned how we can predict the future on the basis of the past experience and design an algorithm where I am able to write an algorithm to design a system with my own way Part by part I participated in some paper presentation competition and some coding competition in some I got success and in some I face failure 

I have taken some good lessons from my failures and successes In undergraduates study my main area of interest was in machine learning Everyone knows nowadays how much amount of data are generated in daily life it could be difficult to manage such data without it It was a very vast field so I decided to gain deep knowledge of machine learning I have read some good papers on data mining and machine learning and also attended some workshops which cleared my basic idea related to them I used some machine learning tools like weka tool for classification prediction regression the data from various fields Depending on that we did another project which is not part of the curriculum but for the better understanding of machine learning we classified the taxi data according to the customer request on normal days and weekends and classified that data according to them that project leads me to gain a depth knowledge of machine learning At the last stage of my undergraduates I did my Final year project in java with data mining techniques and using of web services we did meta search engine for the traveler it is basically for the traveler who seeks for travelling from one place to another Meta search engine takes the query from the user and transfer to the another search engines and gather information on available options for transport like plane bus train from source to destination entered by user then this gathered information is displayed to the user and later user can filter that according to his her own choice

We Got sponsorship from soft infology company We published one survey paper on meta search engine as meta search engine for the traveler in IJRISE and another research paper on same with implementation presented in Scopus index conference During the last two years besides the college academics I spent most of my time attending a number of workshops and seminars on different topics related to computer science as an extracurricular activity Summarizing all written above I want to explore deep in my research area at the University of Victoria where I will get a chance to do something different from others and make everyone feel proud I believe that the post graduate study in your university would provide me opportunities to attend different courses which will help me to build my career in the field of my interest The machine learning lab in Computer science department will really help me to move forward and explore deep in machine learning I believe that my academic background and my research will give me a chance to achieve my dream at your university

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