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Today in the world eating meat is a normal Everyday

Today in the world eating meat is a normal everyday action for most with little to no thought given towards the process behind it There is a hidden world behind the meat industry which can be unlocked by whomever wishes to see beyond the surface Sadly many people do not want to open that door because deep down they know eating meat is a moral issue and do not want to face the facts It is time people stop showing a blind eye towards the horrific acts behind it Eating meat is a cruel life ending act towards animals everywhere and a massive moral issue To start most animals that are being used for meat production are exposed to endless insanely cruel and unthinkable abuse and torture The companies and media do an amazing job with convincing the consumer that this abuse never takes place but that is just completely untrue and can be uncovered with a little research The chicken on your dinner table That chicken was once in a dark factory stuck in a cage not remotely big enough for it Though that is terrible enough your dinner had its beak seared off with a hot blade while it was alive Hamburgers and bacon Otherwise known as cows and pigs which are often castrated without painkillers to serve as your meal Other animals that survive those horrid situations are forced to endure harsh weather conditions cages that lack any sort of moving room careless abuse living areas infested with their own waste and other disgusting harmful intruders and ridiculously inhumane deaths Animals are hung upside down to have their throats slit legs chopped off skinned and feathered alive and even more unspeakable disgusting torture 

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Happy to apply to the Systems Design Management Masters Degree

My name is Innocent PhD and I am happy to apply to the Systems Design Management Masters Degree program I aim to take up a product development leadership role with heavy technical involvement at an innovative microscope manufacturer For that reason I am more inclined to do programs like SDM in lieu of an MBA since SDM has a distinct appreciation for the science engineering skills I know will be fundamental to my career progress I once was in a meeting discussing results of a multi million pound GBP Wellcome Trust Grant my organization applied to before my tenure While excited that we were offered a partial sum I found out some requested funds were unawarded on account of a vague business proposal Digging further I realized that if even a single person writing the grant had knowledge of systems thinking that grant proposal would have had far greater success So while I love being a scientist optical expert I am applying to the SDM program because I want to be responsible for helping to develop and deliver the business plans manage the projects analyze trade offs flourish ideas develop the modeling needed to launch great scientific endeavours And so I could not pass up the chance to get this skillset as an SDM 2018 applicant Currently

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