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Southern Gothic has shaped American society today Southern Gothic appears in novels movies theater plays nevertheless many other works American society reflects the southern Gothic genre in many aspects of entertainment Southern Gothic is a genre of southern writings that focus on grotesque themes The genre had developed during the civil war in the twentieth century The civil war had ultimately caused the end of slavery while leaving America devastated America was economically failing along with their social standpoint despite the aftermath of the war this enabled many authors to write about what it meant to be southern and their southern lives Southern Gothic s Strategy of intriguing people in forms of works enables people to learn about southern life after the civil war Often the genre focuses on realistic events including war and historical events that are considered macabre or grotesque The Genre s elements consistently have the Southern dialect Southern landscape slavery Violence poverty and habits or personalities relating to the South Southern Gothic does not focus on the supernatural and Suspenseful topics but other times Authors include it

The characters among the works are ordinarily isolated or do not fit in and would like to be a part of society Morality within a character is often questioned in the works accordingly the mentally ill handicapped and the pure hearted are deemed innocent by the author The innocent normally struggle to find themselves in a society American Society dwells on the Characteristics of the South moreover allows society to learn about the southern lifestyle Surber Katie Famous authors such as Flannery O Connor and William Faulkner have written many stories using the Southern Gothic genre In depth Mary Flannery O Connor was an American author born in Savannah Georgia in March of 1925 O Connor s works are generally set in the American south and most time characters are treated with separation or alienated with concern between the character and God She grew up in a roman catholic family and lived in Savannah until her adolescence when her father contracted Lupus The family was forced to relocate to Milledgeville where her mother had been raised Her first published work in 1979 Wise Blood consequently it became a success O'Connor's writing style is more along the lines of Goth writings that are in your face opposed to grotesque Britannica Other Authors such as William Faulkner created many famous novels with extreme intelligence William Faulkner was born in New Albany Mississippi in 1897 Faulkner s early work was mostly poetry Throughout his life he worked as railroad financier politician soldier farmer businessman furthermore a lawye

He earned awards such as best selling author for The White Rose of Memphis and the Nobel prize for literature biography com Many other Authors have picked up the southern Gothic writing style which has created many selections for their audience Readers have become intrigued with the topic ultimately making a bold influence Many who do not read are still impacted today using ways as to watching motion pictures and plays The Southern Gothic genre has a vivid relevant stance throughout society The Relevant stance shows people that Southern Gothic even if overlooked continuously makes a salient imprint in America Kornegay Jamie The eminent novel The Sound and the Fury written by William Faulkner intelligently maneuvers perspectives using brothers who are infatuated with their sister The novel is based on the Compson family who lives in Jefferson Mississippi The novel begins with the perspective of Benjy who is mentally handicapped consequently making the conception of the novel difficult since Benjy has no concept of time and depends on his sister Caddy Caddy who is adored by her brothers but promiscuously loses her virginity ultimately becomes pregnant She is determined not to name the father of the child though it is perceived to be Dalton Ames Quentin a Harvard student swoons over his sister Caddy

He is devastated by her pregnancy and her marriage to Herbert Quentin is the oldest of the four and is an impressionable man Tormented by her immoral actions he often dwells in his dorm room He ultimately tries to undertake the responsibility for her pregnancy claiming they had committed incest Jason the uncompassionate mischievous other brother to the family causes turmoil for his niece Miss Quentin who is Caddy s daughter grows up to repeat her mother s promiscuous characteristic but she has no remorse for her actions Her uncle Jason s stern and cruel household causes her to grow into a cold uncompassionate woman unlike her mother who had a softer soul The ultimate downfall of the Compson family relies on Miss Quentin who detaches herself from the family and runs off with a man in a red tie Dilsey the family servant brings stability throughout the family s chaos and is determined to keep the Compson s together The Sound and the Fury creates a strong vivid view of the genre The elements of southernism moral and the deceitfulness of a corrupt South conveys the Southern attributes as well as the Southern environment The theme of chaos and order broadens the reader s conception of the Sound and the fury throughout Caddy and Dilsey has been the sense of order in the Compson Family When Caddy is banished the family merely falls apart Dilsey becomes a salient figure in the home and plays the role as Caddy to keep the family together The Sound and the Fury executes American South Sumptuously The Novel continues to be a superlative representation of the Southern Gothic Genre in Society Today

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