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Tour Report Submitted to Dr Kashif Ishaq

Tour Report Submitted to Dr Kashif Ishaq Submitted by Umer Ilyas 13 arid 1049 DVM 9th Morning 1 Pattoki 2 Hassan abdal 3 KOONT FARM 1 Ravi Campus Patoki From 10 Jan 2018 to 12 Jan 2018 Visit to B Block for the Dairy farm and the sheep and goat research and training Farm on 11 jan 2018 Disinfecting and dipping was done before entering to the farm The Cattle dairy Farm was divided into 3 sections i e the calf section the heifer section and the Lactating animals section 120 total animals were present of Holstein Frisian breed With about 28 heifers 40 calves and 52 milking animals TMR was being fed to the animals with about36 kg Corn silage 2 kg wheat straw and hay and the wanda or concentrate mixed in it The 16 18 months pregnant heifers were being imported And given special care till parturition Small Ruminant training and research farm Total sheep and goats were 150 goats and 370 plus sheep The Beetle goat were numerous with some Naachi Dera den panah and angora breeds Grazing and browsing of animals was done during the morning hours till mid day Buffalo Research Institute Founded in 2005 the institute located in bhoniky patoki is doing its research on the local nilli ravi buffalo to maximize the potential of black gold of Pakistan Dr burhan is the farm manager who demonstrated about the farm parameters 2 

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