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Data presentation and analysis forms an important part of all academic studies

CHAPTER FOUR PRESENTATION AND ANALYSIS OF DATA 4 1 Introduction Data presentation and analysis forms an important part of all academic studies commercial industrial and marketing activities as well as professional practices It is necessary to make use of collected data which is considered to be raw data which must be processed to put for any use Shubham 2017 Data analysis helps in interpretation of data and takes a decision or answer the research question Data analysis starts with the collection of data followed by sorting and processing it Processed data helps in obtaining information from it as the raw data is non comprehensive in nature Presenting the data includes the pictorial representation of the data by using graphs charts maps and other methods These methods help in adding visual aspect to data which makes it much easier and quick to understand Shubham 2017 This chapter presents the analyzed data Data were analyzed using tables line graph pie chart and bar chart Key interpretations were done on each table and this was guided by the research objectives the research questions were also answered Six questionnaires were not properly filled and as such were omitted from analysis 4 2 Results 4 2 1

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Create a mandatory ban of not using Cell Phones Nationwide

I Title No call is worth dying we must hold human life in higher regards and create a mandatory ban of not using cell phones nationwide while driving as well as make sure these laws are enforced A General Purpose To encourage drivers to consider the dangers of using a cell phone while driving B Specific Purpose To educate everyone about the many risks of using cell phones while driving C Central Idea Using a cell phone in any form or fashion whether it be talking or texting while driving can be very dangerous and may cause you to put your life or another life at risk By using a cell phone while driving for calling texting or checking social media you can single handedly end your life or another human being Not to mention if you did survive in a crash but another person or worse persons did not you could take away your freedom and end up sitting out life in a jail cell Accidents occur every day to any form of distraction especially when using a cell phone while driving and this could entirely be prevented with laws put into place as well as those laws being enforced fully to protect not only motorists but also innocent bystanders such as pedestrians along the streets II Introduction Mitchell 2017 According to the Harris Poll 72 of those who own a cell phone say they use them to talk while they are driving most of these people 66 say they usually use the hand held rather than hands free cell phones to talk In today's society which whether it be at work or play almost everyone has a cell phone in hand Unfortunately many times people use their cell phones to get where they are going without even giving it a second thought to other people around them

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