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Statement of Intent Financial professionals in the modern age play an important role in shaping the global economy and the future direction it will take Knowledge about finance broadens your perspective and leads to your evolution and prepares you for future vocation Currently I am completing my Bachelors in Business Administration Management Science with a distinction average until now from Prestige Institute of Management and Research Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya Indore During the two and half years of my Bachelor's degree few modules related to finance intrigued me for instance financial analysis risk management and many more although my subject is marketing These subjects helped me understand the power of finance to run an organization That is when I thought of changing my career path and make use finance to achieve my future endeavors Earning a Master's degree in Banking and Finance would ideally complement my undergraduate degree in Business Administration I learned the basic tenets of finance in courses such as Economics Management and Accounting through case studies and lectures I broadened my understanding of economic principles while learning about management and its relationship to finance Academics aside I have an inclination towards sports as well I used to play volleyball I have actively taken part in several co curricular activities During my summer vacations I have applied what I learned in classes by working for a month in my first job experience with Pax Mauritius ltd I was an intern over there Seeing my subject background and my inclination towards finance they gave me a task to make a presentation and to sketch out a program about places to visit in 

Mauritius so that people coming to Mauritius can travel the whole country but it does not become too expensive for them I even gotta write my first blog there regarding places to visit in Mauritius for free My international internship with Pax Mauritius ltd has magnified my interest to pursue a career in finance After the internship I see myself as more confident and less afraid of living in a new place This has been a wonderful complement to my studies as it refreshed my perspective and taught me the realities of a workplace as this Most importantly working in a real world context has inspired me to get the most out of my education so that I may excel in my career This job was rewarding and immensely instructive and has solidified my resolve to devote my future career to the field of finance and investment Australia is a powerhouse for education and business Australia boasts perhaps the most prestigious education worldwide and its reputable financial sector has avoided many of the pitfalls that have stricken other countries It has the most livable cities in the world Australia has a diverse group of students affordability and quality of life and employability When it comes to a prestigious educational institute in Australia The Group of Eight is the first option that comes to one's mind as it holds the top institutions in Australia as well as the world 

That is why I chose Monash University because it is in the Group of eight It will give my career an advantage as they will provide me with all the skills I need Monash is in the top one percent universities worldwide which will give me and my degree great credibility I am eager to further develop my foundation of knowledge the principles and practice of finance learning from the world renowned instructors while interacting with top students of Monash After completing your program I expect to possess highly practical financial skills and the flexibility necessary to work in international settings in the future Specifically the resources and expertise available in Monash University will provide me with a broad and deep learning experience The Masters of Banking and Finance coursework offers many lucrative and intriguing modules Modules like Financial institutions and markets International markets Liability management would elevate my understanding towards the financial world My objective is to pursue Masters of Banking and Finance and to comprehend the financial market and the factors affecting it from the perspective of one of the leading universities of the world and to get exposed to the networks of the financial capitals of the world Post my Master s degree I aspire to gain some job experience in Investment Banking and then come back and help my father in our own family business of manufacturing plastic raw material 

My intended course Masters in Banking and finance would help me understand working of the financial market The reason I don't want to pursue this degree from my country is that the course is not offered in India right now for the reason that it is a developing country and there is no scope for Investment Banking in India The education system in India is different than that of Australia education system in India is more theoretical and education system in Australia is much more practical In my career I hope to not only work to avoid future financial collapses but also to help institutions use their resources to their greatest advantage I presume that getting an opportunity to be a part of such an eminent financial system will not only expose me to the most highly developed coursework but will also grind me to be able to carve a position for myself in this globally competitive era I am confident that I am well prepared to meet the demands of your program and I greatly appreciate your consideration

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