Essay Example on Statement of Purpose Throughout my schooling in St Paul's High School








Is with sense of indulgence that I pen down my brief statement of purpose Striving for excellence and improvement has been my motto in all phases of life and the same applies even to my professional and academic career I have always felt that education in itself is the most rewarding pursuit a value infused by my mother who was herself a home tutor for many years Hence I look forward to further increase my experience and skills in Information Technology and allied fields and for this a M S program will be an ideal step Throughout my schooling in St Paul s High School I had been a proactive participant with high spirit of competitiveness and productivity be it in academics sports extracurricular activities I was also elected as the Class Prefect for multiple terms At my high school graduation ceremony I was awarded with a gold medal for scoring 94 5 in matriculation Continuing my passion towards aptitude in mathematics with the right application of logics great performance in physics and chemistry and adequate analytical thinking which I have acquired during my schooling and intermediate at Narayana Junior College secured me a place in KMIT Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology for my engineering It was about time when the next stage of my life unfolded

The College I always believed that this is the phase where we can transform ourselves to become a leader from a follower Following that path I demonstrated my leadership skills to get elected as the Class Representative in the very first semester of engineering and continued it for all the four years of Engineering But due to various health issues I had during my undergraduate there was a drop in my overall engineering percentage However considering my passion and zeal towards my career my Dean Mr Neil Gogte always gave me an opportunity to work under the guidance of him on an interdisciplinary project entitled My role was to process the During my Under Grad I was selected by AIESEC world s largest non profit youth run organization that provides young people with global internships and leadership experiences Working in AIESEC gave me global exposure and also helped me build a strong network with people from different countries and diverse working backgrounds During my AIESEC experience I was elected as Organising Committee Vice President for a project called GENESIS which aimed to bring awareness about HIV AIDS among Indian teens Later I also served two terms as TL in Corporate sector of the organisation where I got the opportunity to interact with various major IT firms which led to my major interest in the IT industry Thus with the overall AIESEC experience and my 4 years program of engineering it laid a strong foundation for me in a way that I have enhanced my knowledge and interest in the field of Software and Hardware as well and had clarity about the domain

I wanted to enter and the kind of role I was looking for and it was not late to turn it into a reality when I was among the 2 from our college to be placed in the very first MNC Tech Mahindra as Software Professional that visited our college I am overwhelmed to mention that my professional career started on a very high level where looking at my performance at the entry level trainee program exams which are held for freshers entering the industry the leaders decided to immediately place me into a project giving the opportunity to work for Google client situated in the United States for testing their various applications as a Test Engineer Throughout my tenure in the I T industry I have learned to make decisions based on a combination of reason and practical experience Looking at my strength of completing the tasks assigned to me well within the timeline and also the communication and managing skills I was given a responsibility to train the actual business users where my whole team along with my Project Manager were highly impressed and I was rewarded with the Pat on Back award 

This approach has enabled me to work out advances and improvements in software development and has led to my learning and professional satisfaction I have mastered this practice of following up ideas with my analytical skills in my now extensive work experience Having worked in Tech Mahindra for Google Client as Test Engineer for over two years and having gained in depth knowledge of its importance and business applications it gave me clear insight about the Information Systems and I feel that I am ready to move forward in the field of MIS My ambition is to become a significant software engineer and acquire a quality position in a multi national organization that will allow me to utilize my potential and advance a consistently positive atmosphere to learn new technologies and implement them for the widening and development of the organization Thus attending a master s course in MIS program at your university will enable me to carve an opening for myself in the industry along with deepening my expertise and expanding my aspects

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