Essay Example on Stereotypes The Breakfast Club is a film made in 1985









Stereotypes The Breakfast Club is a film made in 1985 that was produced written and directed by Hughes John This movie takes a look at five different teenagers that all come from completely different social groups each teenager is a labeled a different stereotype The princess the jock the brains the criminal and the basket case are all confined in detention Saturday at Shermer High School At the beginning they simply ignore each other and stick to their labeled stereotype Throughout the movie they discover that they are more than a stereotype and they can all get along despite their stereotypes In life and especially in high school everyone is labeled as a stereotype or part of a clique each person is put into a different category Throughout this movie I definitely connected to a few of the characters stereotypes Starting with the stereotypes that I do not relate to is Claire Standish prom queen and miss popular she s viewed by the other students as the entitled rich snob I do not connect with the princess stereotype my friends would not put me in the same stereotype category as her Next is John Bender he is viewed as the stereotypical criminal rebel Bender is the bad boy who hides drugs in his locker and picks fights The people in my life would definitely not put me into this stereotype category Up next is Brian Johnson the typical brainy nerd stereotype Brian is all about getting the best grades he's in all the stereotypical clubs and he constantly has to deal with academic pressure from his parents 

The people in my life my friends and family would not put me in any of these stereotype categories either Next on to the two teenagers that I do however relate to Andrew and Alison out of the five naive stereotype teenagers I believe people would say Andrew and Alison are the two that are similar to me First up is Andrew Clark he is the stereotypical jock but he's not the rude arrogant jock Once he opened up we learned he has emotions deep down inside Andrew sticks up for Claire and cares for others not just himself Andrew is nice to everyone including the nerd and the basket case out of the teenagers so far I would relate to Andrew the most He may come off looking like your stereotypical arrogant rude boy but once he opens up he's the opposite he's nice to everyone including the weirdos Everyone in my life would see me under this category Not because of the jock part but because on the outside I may look different than how I am on the inside I m just a nice person who gets along with everyone like Andrew The next one I relate to the most is the basket case Alison Reynolds is the quiet basket case she didn't talk that much throughout the movie but she is the only one who does not smoke pot with the other students Alison may be a weirdo but she's just a quiet girl who was neglected as a child and has her own outlook on life My friends and even other students would most likely label me has this stereotype It may be because I sit alone or because

I'm quiet but I do relate to Alison Out of the princess the criminal the brians and the jock I relate to the basket case the most In addition everyone is more than a label The stereotypes that people identify you as is what s based on what they see you as not what's on the inside What's on the inside your emotions and feelings are what matters and what s important Labeling people and putting them into categories is awful and wrong everyone is more than a name I may not always be around people or I may be quiet and not talk that much but I shouldn't be labeled as a loner for being shy At the end of the movie Brain agrees to write the essay to Mr Vernon describing to him who they are You see us how you want to see us in the simplest definitions scene in XL This quote from the movie is a perfect example of how people are actually completely different than the stereotypes they are labeled as Everyone is truly more than a label and everybody has more to them than just being called another name or stereotype In conclusion this film delivered a valuable and important message how one Saturday detention changed the outlook on how the princess the jock the nerd the criminal and the basket case and how they see each other The five teenagers from different social groups did not expect they would get along and they did not expect to leave as friends At the end of this movie each character broke free of their stereotype labels they became comfortable with each other and grew closer This just shows no matter the stereotype you are titled you can change it Claire is more than her looks Bender more than his temper Brain is more than his grades Andrew is more than the sports he plays and Alison is more than her odd behavior

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