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Steve Jobs A Mission To CHange The World I remember a day that could have changed everything there were two options and if I had taken the other there would be no Apple I stood in an auditorium that was filled to the brim with thousands of people that had a stand in front of the stage with a box on it labled NEW The crowd was patiently waiting for the new keynote on my latest invention the Newton Pad made in 1993 The Newton Pad was kind of a rough invention for me as my partner that helped me make all products Steve Wozniak quit a few years earlier But it was time to rattle up the crow for the new products so that s what I did I held the box out and opened it up I pulled out the Newton pad slowly leaving the audience in suspense I pulled the pad out fully and was greeted by some cheer but not as much as my last product release I finished that presentation and was getting ready for release of the product but there was no back order at all Had I have done something wrong did I ruin Apple s fate But I realized that that my co partner Steve Wozniak didn t help make this product like a few of the ones in the past that were hot sellers This was only my ideas put into the Newton Pad not his I was the only inventor and the only one to make sure my work was good enough or at least I hoped it was 

The day of release people came and picked up the new Newton Pad but there was still some left I spent money on this product to manufacture it yet I wasted money because no one wants these devices I put a chunk of money on these and that came out of Apple budget not mine So I was the cause of the loss in money during the time And as if things couldn t get worse for Apple s current future they did Then in the years from 1990 1995 were both Apple s and Microsoft s release for a bunch of new products and other stuff But the Newton Pad wasn t doing any good but my enemy was doing great Bill Gates and his team made a new computer and also software that was flying off shelves like they never were there I knew that this couldn t be the end end of Apple so an idea popped into my mind I thought why am I just sitting here and suffering when I could be changing the way people use technology This time with the help of others I decided to doc the idea of the Newton pad product and fix my attention on a new product the PowerBook 165 We made a cool boxy design that we hoped would kick us back to ground and out of the graveyard That same month in August we decided to speak about the new PowerBook 165 and soon was presenting time


Once again I went to the auditorium and gave a speech not trying to mention our previous failure I grabbed the PowerBook and gave the audience a look at it and I was amazed once again at the audience feedback However this time I was prepared for anything to happen from the audience I stood and waited for the reaction My thoughts were racing through my mind Did I ruin it again Will this loose Apple s future What would the press think of another failure But then the audience started it felt like seconds were minutes as the audience spoke I heard nothing but whistles and claps everyone looked so surprised at everything Everyone roared with excitement and cheer I did it I had made a product that restored Apple s fate I kept working to achieve my goal and i sure did I finished the keynote for the PowerBook 165 and even then there were still cheers going on around the auditorium A few weeks later it was time for release And there were so many orders I d though I might drown in how much there were Eat an Apple Microsoft In addition my ideas flew out of my head like water and people loved them From that point on Apple skyrocketed in in network worth and sales for my products flew

The powerbook was named one of the most affordable laptop so of course everyone wanted to save a few dollars and bought it I love everytime I do a keynote cause it always another chance and I love to see the audience being surprised every time Society is pleased with my work and i m still major rivalries with Bill Gates but who doesn t love a good enemy In 2003 I was still working to change the world but found out I had Pancreatic cancer and it was a tough battle but we soon found out who the real winner was Finally soon later and here I am in October 2011 cancer overcame me and I was soon expected to pass I remembered my entire life from the day I was born to adoption day to the day I Started apple to the day I changed the world I received several awards like The National Medal of Technology Invention Grammy Trustee Award and PGA Vanguard Award I made a worldwide company that has a network 900 billion dollars I also started the iPhone which went viral still to today And soon Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn t matter to me going to bed at night saying we ve done something wonderful that s what matters to me

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