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Innovation Presentation Steve Jobs Profile Effective and Successful leader Steve Jobs was the co founder of Apple Computer Inc Jobs vision sparked the PC revolution and made Apple the Icon but his vision became clouded and Apple released him from the company Without Jobs the company lost their direction and spirit So after 10 years of plummeting sales Jobs came back When Jobs introduced the Pixar within days of its arrival on the stock market Apple bought NEXT for 400 million by bringing Jobs back this was desperation for Apple At the end of 1997 Apple announced a quarterly loss of 708 million Three months later the current CEO Amelio resigned and Jobs took over as an interim CEO Jobs struck a deal with Microsoft and Microsoft invested 150 million for a non voting minority stake in Apple under Jobs guidance Apple quickly returned to profitability by the end of 1998 sales were boasted to 5 9 billion In 2004 Jobs had struggled with health problems so in 2011 Jobs was replaced with COO Tim Cook but Jobs still would still have feedback on any struggles he may face Cook had big shoes to fill 

But unfortunately eights month later Steve Jobs passed Cook used two leadership models the first one was Master Apprentice Relationship and the other model was Adaptation of the job to fit the Talent these two models have helped Apple stay the most innovative company for over a decade Programs such as Apple Internship for recent and undergraduates and graduate students promotes this model According to Eadiciccio the interns get paid well and are able to meet company executives during the internship Tim Cook then hired Angela Ahrendts in 2013 to run the Apple online shopping store which was a big suggest for Apple as well and created an idea for other organizations do create online shopping experience as well By using the model equipped Apple with staff and the morale to grow the technological and innovative leader they are Creating the Master Apprentice Relationship Apple has higher work ethics and lower turnover rates they have coached the apprentices to become effective leaders Cook believed these two models can help keep the company innovative ideas in motion Adaptation of the job to fit the Talent Model is about placing the right staff members according to their talents This concept is very vital to the elements for the business to have success Staff need to be engaged in the job they are performing so they can get the customers to gain commitment This model helps to retain workers by tweaking the positions and to have the best outcome for the business This also helps with development and creating careers that can last a lifetime Design Thinking Has five stages they are Empathize Define Ideate Prototype and Test All these stages are very important for a good leader 

Empathize is to understand the way people do things and why Define brings clarity and focus to the problem at hand Ideate is where the leader has to look outside the box and gather all possibilities to correct the problem Prototype is where a prototype is built that is aligned with being human and last test is where tests are completed to see if any issues arise from the prototype Self Appraisal My name is Ruth Geter and these are the reasons why I am perfect to run this prototype to create change in our organization I have been working for this company four years and I help with hiring and training of staff many have advanced from the training and a job well done I have also molded the operations of how customers should be treated and why they are so important to our organization and this has should great profits for our organization for the past few years My skills consist of being a fast learner I lead by example I am a very good executor and I think outside of the box to find solutions for any problems that may arise My productivity is above the average worker I work smart faster without complicating the process By doing so I allow more time to work on other tasks while creating a more relaxed work environment Challenges and Areas of Weakness When it comes to associating or questioning I am average I think I could ask more questions to gain a better understanding and by asking more questions I could become a better innovator for this organization I know this may take me a little longer than another employee but I am willing to work hard and find solutions to our problems and implement them in a timely manner to help the organization continue to grow References Apple and Apple Press Info Apple Leadership Tim Cook http www apple com pr bios tim cook html Bernstein M Linsky M 2016 Leading change through adaptive design Stanford Social Innovation Review 14 1 48 Eadicicco L 2015 June 27 Apple interns make almost 7 000 a month but they can't whisper a word to their friends about their jobs http www businessinsider com apple internship salary housing 2015 6 Stafford T 2013 November 14 CEB Blogs https www cebglobal com blogs talent strategy why apples approach is increasingly common

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