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Why University of Richmond

The University of Richmond offers an authentic and versatile education not only scholastically from its premier curriculum and faculty but also culturally from the diverse community of Richmond Virginia By combining the study of history and sociology I believe that the University of Richmond will provide the education and experiences necessary for me to evolve as a traveling historian and curator serving at Smithsonian museums across America My passion for history and sociology began during my high school career In sophomore and junior year I enjoyed taking Modern World History and A P US History Through these classes I became deeply interested in reading historical novels analyzing thick packets of information and participating in class discussions As a Summer Art Counselor for the Museum of Latin American Art I enjoyed teaching children about influential art movements such as Cubism and Expressionism along with its lasting effect on Hispanic Culture Furthermore while taking Comparative Ethics and Global Societies at my local California State University I enjoyed reading the literary works of W E B Dubois and Toni Morrison to create strong argumentative essays At the University of Richmond the world class core program enables me to maximize the benefits of an interdisciplinary education while also having the opportunity to take advantage of the numerous opportunities available to me With the open curriculum and research colloquium provided by the core program I can pursue unique courses such as Ancient Empires 1 Hittite Empire and Human Rights Contemporary Issues enabling me to cultivate the historical research and writing skills needed to write an impressive senior thesis 

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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein allusions to John Milton's Paradise

Exploring where one does not belong results in unforeseeable catastrophic consequences In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein allusions to John Milton's Paradise Lost and his depiction of creation are evident through the characters of Victor Frankenstein and his Creature as they resemble yet sharply contrast Adam Eve God and Satan The complexity of the character s connections exemplifies how each has their own varied purposes to defining creation and the outcome of a failed experiment Victor and his Creature bring life and death anticipation and lost hope along with isolation Victor Frankenstein sets out to fabricate a being which is superior to all others yet his intentions and follow through are lacking that of a supreme creator His comparison to God is seen easily as he creates life in his

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