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We were all humans until race disconnected us religion separated us politics divided us and wealth classified us America has been struggling with inequality through several decades Slavery was evoked in the 1600 s and although slavery was abolished in 1863 the struggles still live in America today Issues still remain throughout politics in America to within the government because diverse individuals still struggle with feeling equal The main topic people argue throughout America is that caucasian individuals get treated better than people with color Statistics and testing show that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer whereas a majority of the poor are people of color Things that are unequal between races include education home lives and financial abilities Americans are ignoring the controversy between social classes and cultural differences resulting in an unsettled conflict within the United States Different races get different treatments throughout America Most Americans as a whole believe that America still has yet to reach racial equality As 61 of individuals believe that America as a country needs to continue making changes for blacks to have equal rights with whites A large gap between cultures is education Being in a public school as a diverse student is difficult and statistics have shown the immense gap between whites and blacks from an educational standpoint 

According to the National Center for Education Statistics 63 of blacks attend college after high school and out that 63 only 16 attend a four year college Families of minority tend to have lower household incomes and wages White households on average spend over 1 000 more on colleges than African American families per year and 2 000 more than Hispanics However college costs take up 63 of an African Americans family income but for white families it is only 34 The number of individuals with degrees has increased from 1974 to 2015 whereas the achievement gap has widened In fact in a USN source it shows that the rate of black families with parents that have a Bachelor's degree is significantly smaller than white families Education expectations are lower for those in a black household whereas in a white household education holds more significance 16 out of 100 black people have less than a high school education level as it is decreased by half for whites at 8 out of 100 The gap between education in different racial classes is convincing of a huge inequality issue As the United States is becoming more ethnically diverse at the same time it is becoming more unequal Growing up black children don't have the same sense of innocence as white children have People come off as scared or intimidated by those of color Children poverty is a continuing concern throughout America 

According to the U S Bureau of the Census 33 1 of black children lived in poverty compared with 13 5 of white children Black American children are more likely to live in poverty due to the fact that they are more likely to live in single parent families Black children are 5 times more likely to be dependent on welfare from AFDC Aid to Families with Dependent Children program The opportunities are limited to the families of color due to their home lives and financial capability The incomes of those with color versus white families are widely separated The disparities between incomes in black and whites are persistent regardless of the education they attain Juliana Horowitz stated an associate director of research at Pew In 2014 the income of the median household for whites was 71 300 whereas it was 43 300 for blacks In 2013 white households had a wealth of 144 200 as black households were 11 200 The white household makes almost 13 times more than the blacks Aside from wealth homes owned by blacks appreciate less in value than those owned by whites whereas it is more likely to see foreclosures in black communities 72 of white families own homes compared to only 43 of black families Even though the gap of inequality has seemed to narrow the Pew Research Center claims it is still twice as likely to see black families living in poverty and unemployed

Two thirds of blacks surveyed said racial discrimination was the main reason why blacks have a difficult time getting ahead or even on track in the U S Financial differences play a major role in why the color individuals can t catch up to the white individuals Critics argue that effort may play a role in success and that dedication to wanting to be successful will show for itself as unemployment rates are greater for African Americans than whites During the Great Recession of 2007 2009 the unemployment rates rose much faster than those of color The rate of unemployment of African Americans with a college degree was 6 9 whereas for whites it was only 3 9 even though they had the same education level it was still more likely for the African Americans to be unemployed It is argued that African American families live off of the government but in fact according to the U S Department of Agriculture 40 2 of SNAP recipients are white as 25 7 of them are blacks 10 3 are Hispanics and 2 1 are Asian and 1 2 are Native American To conclude the issue of inequality still holds strong throughout America African Americans and other races are racing to try to catch up to the Caucasian individuals Education home lives and financial abilities hold significance as to why America is not equal America should spend more time figuring out what they can do to make individuals feel equal rather than making them feel alone and solitary

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