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Student Name Course Name and Number Date Submitted Summary and Response Frankenstein Volume 2 Volume two begins with Victor expressing profound despair following the death of William and Justine whom he perceives to be innocent people that did not deserve to die Victor narrates that his family later moved out of Geneva to another house in Belrive when he would spend much time sailing on his boat Shelley page 87 However even in the new home his old memories were still fresh in his mind He notes that sometimes he would be drawn to the middle of the lake by the wind where he would let the boat to take its course when he reflected on his past Shelley page 87 His miserable past causes him to contemplate committing suicide by drowning himself in the lake He is however reluctant to take away his life as this would cause his family members more pain now that his father was ailing and Elizabeth was slowly sinking into depression Shelley page 88 His father and his cousin Elizabeth remains consistent in calming him down even though the misfortune equally hits them After a period of grieving Victor sets on a journey for adventure to get relieved from his desperate condition In his journey he encounters the monster who he threatens to kill The monster is however powerful and victor does not kill him Victor accompanies the monster to his hut where he the monster narrates his story to Victor At the end the monster makes a conditional request to Victor to find a wife for him or else he would destroy everything that he Victor values Shelley page 153 

Response I found Frankenstein to be a very interesting piece of work that contains moral lessons all through From the first two chapters of volume 2 of the text Victor is seen grieving for the death of his loved ones to the extent of contemplating taking his own life His intense grieving reflects the much love and attachment that he Victor had with his younger siblings On page 87 Victor notes that I wept bitterly and wished that peace would revisit my mind only that I might afford them consolation and happiness I can relate to this kind of pain especially when one has lost people that were close to him Another thing that I find overwhelming from the novel his victor s courageousness and determination to peruse his course For instance it is interesting how he faced the monster with threats to kill him even when he understood that the monster was a supernatural being that could hardly be killed by an ordinary man like him However contrary to what would have been expected the monster sounds to be very compassionate Ideally he would have killed Victor if he wanted to but he pleads with him Victor to accompany him to his hut to hear his story The monster tells Victor misery made me a fiend Make me happy and I shall again be virtuous Shelley page 94 This creates an impression that the monster did not intend to be weird but the world that compelled him to be so Ironically

Victor approaches the monster in a very unfriendly way threatening to kill him Could he have been the monster in this case I relate much to the conversation between Victor and the Monster In many cases we have ill thoughts about a person because of some bad acts that they may have committed not taking time to evaluate the story behind the act It is also a lesson that acting swiftly can cause our intentions to be misinterpreted even when we mean well This is especially when we allow our emotions to guide our actions as was the case for Victor when he met the monster Volume two ended at a point when Victor is sent on a mission to find the monster a wife I am interested in knowing what transpires after this Would he really find a wife that matches the character of the monster Would Victor complete this mission considering the much hatred that he had for the monster after taking the lives of his loved ones away Would the monster keep his word and disappear never to disturb humanity again if his request is fulfilled More importantly I am interested in knowing how the story would end Overall the story by Mary Shelley is an interesting piece that I cannot stop reading until I complete it The well thought plot interesting characters incorporation of dialogue and use of simple yet enriched language makes every bit of the book stimulating to read I also find the book very adventurous and besides the events contained therein reflect things that occur in real life situations Work Cited Shelley Mary W and J P Hunter Frankenstein The 1818 Text Contexts Criticism W W Norton Co 2016

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