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Summary Database Management Systems DBMSs is the basic and main component of computer world and has came up with many system design techniques to resolve the scalability security and reliability issues Relational database management systems RDBMSs is one of the commonly used database systems The architecture of Database system includes different main components in which initially the client calls the API which forms a connection with the Client Communications Manager of a DBMS thereby forming two tier Client server system or three tier system with middleware server in addition or four tier server having application server in addition Thus DBMS responds to the SQL commands from the clients and send the data with a proper controlling system taking care of results errors security etc After receiving the command from the client it is assigned to the thread of computation by the Process Manager which also takes care of admission control i e when to process the queries dispatch and scheduling Then query is processed by invoking the Relational Query Processor which handles the query authorizations query rewrite and optimizations then compiles the query into internal query plan which is maintained by the plan executor consisting of different relational algorithm implementations like selection joins sorting projection aggregation requesting data records from lower layers of database system by calling Transactional Storage Manager which controls the access and calls to the data using buffer manager access methods log manager and lock manager

Shared components and utilities are important in complete functioning of the DBMS by using catalog manager memory manager administration monitoring utilities replication loading services batch utilities etc during the execution of the query In Process per DBMS worker model each DBMS worker is implemented as an OS process whereas in Thread per DBMS worker model each DBMS worker is implemented as an OS thread In Process Pool every DBMS Worker is assigned to OS process pool after the receiving of work requests from the caller and after processing the request the process is send back to pool Through shared memory and shared disk parallel system all processors show equal performance by accessing the same RAM and disk A shared nothing parallel system is pack of independent machines with high speed network interconnect for better communication Compare to the share nothing parallel system shared disk has low cost of administration Thus the whole architecture of database system is explained Strengths Helpful in storing retrieving and manipulating data which is really useful scenario in many organizations like businesses software companies market analysis etc Data sharing to the end users has become easy with the help of DBMS Thereby helping the end users for better access to required data 

Data security and privacy are maintained in high standards using DBMS frameworks DBMS helps in retrieving the responses from the large amount of data for the given queries in less time Better decisions can be taken with the well managed data and better data access Better decisions in quick time helps in improving the end user productivity in developing the things in better way DBMS reduces the redundancy in the data when using the centralized database Data integrity is maintained in DBMS by applying required integrity constraints DBMS avoids the data inconsistency by propagating the updated data in database DBMS is a central system that helps in enforcing the standards which in turn is useful during data interchange and migration Restriction of unauthorized access is provided by database management system DBMS provides different kinds of user interfaces for different levels of requirement like enterprise personal individual Backup and recovery sub system of DBMS helps in recovering from hardware and software failures

Though initial installation cost is high the maintenance costs are low Centralized DBMS helps in forming and maintaining the entity relationships thereby developing a Data model Concurrency control of data by multiple users is possible using DBMS Weakness It is not easy to catch up the complexity of whole DBMS In order to use it properly everyone in the hierarchy like database administrators developers designers have to be aware of the entire functionality DBMS is the large piece of software that requires huge amount of memory to run DBMS is more general in way when working for many applications Due to this some of the applications may not run as fast as they used to previously Since DBMS is centralized system failure in one of the components stops the whole process Cost of DBMS is high and dependent on the functionalities it provides DBMS storage may require purchase of additional storage hardware space Sometimes it is expensive to adapt the whole existing application to convert to the new DBMS Feedback and Opinion on the topic DBMS is playing major role in the business intelligence in the way of extracting the information from existing data The interesting topic Multidimensional eXpressions MDX is the language for expressing the analytical queries which is the latest trend of DBMS and will be used more in future Database engines nowadays have spatial data types This spatial data is useful in developing powerful applications like yelp vase google maps weather prediction etc DBMS is broad and getting wide in use in coming years

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