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Supercomputers boast of millions of processors The Top500 List compiles the list of top supercomputers There are multiple powerful supercomputers manufactured in the United States a Sequoia BlueGene Q Po swer BQC 16C 1 60 GHz Custom Sequoia BlueGene Q supercomputer was assembled in 2012 by IBM to be used by the NNSA National Nuclear Security Administration NNSA is an agency operating within the Department of Energy tasked with the responsibilities of improving national security by employing nuclear science The organization enhances and maintains the security safety and efficiency of the country's nuclear weapons and reduces the danger linked with weapons of mass destructions The supercomputer is presently housed in California at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory With more than 1 5 million cores and running at 17 1 petaflops the system has been utilized for a variety of purposes Top500 List 2017 The computer has been used to enhance national security by solving problems linked to the performance of nuclear weapon simulation NNA utilizes the supercomputer for modeling the management of atomic weapons especially when it comes to assisting in the understanding of material properties and weapon hydrodynamics under harsh temperatures and operating pressures 

Through using the computer in artificial weapon testing NNSA eliminates the need for the underground testing of the nuclear weapons Besides being used in enhancing national security it has assisted in creating accurate and faster simulation of the heart helping researchers understand the impact of various drugs It has supported in construction of jet engines that are relatively quiet compared to the previous loud models b Titan Cray XK7 Opteron 6274 16C 2 200GHz Cray Gemini interconnect NVIDIA K20x The supercomputer is an upgrade of a previously existing computer model known as Jaguar It has 560 640 processors 710 terabytes of memory and a hybrid architecture that makes it relatively faster Cray Inc manufactured Titan supercomputer The system is presently located at National Laboratory at Oak Ridge Oak Ridge National Laboratory is owned by the Department of energy and managed by UT Battelle The laboratory s core competence is in computational science It is ten times faster and five times energy efficient compared to the previous Jaguar model ORNL and It comprises of 560 640 cores and runs at 17 6 petaflops The supercomputer uses the Graphics processing units alongside standardized CPUs Central Processing Units Titan supercomputer is the most potent system used for open sciences in the United States assisting scientists and researchers simulate problems in a myriad of fields The supercomputer is available for multiple scientific purposes and its access relies on the significance of the users understanding and their capability of exploiting the system s hybrid architecture ORNL and It has aided with simulation such as supernovas change in climatic conditions drug activity fusion reactors and diseases that affect the human brain c Cori Cray XC40 Intel Xeon Phi 7250 68C 1 4GHz

Aries interconnect Cori supercomputer was manufactured by Cray Inc to be used by NERSC National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center NERSC is a department within the Department of Energy located in California at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory The Cori system supports data intensive workflow and scientific simulations within the facility The supercomputer utilizes 622 336 cores input output speeds of 1 7 Terabytes per second and runs at 14 petaflops Kincade 2016 It runs by using the Cray Linux Environment According to Kincade 2016 a distinctive feature of Cori supercomputer is the real time queue for the analysis of time sensitive data The users can request a limited number of the on demand nodes in case their task have special needs which otherwise cannot be accommodated in the standard batch system d Piz Daint Cray XC50 Xeon E5 2690v3 12C 2 6GHz Aries interconnect NVIDIA Tesla P100 Cray Inc manufactured Piz Daint supercomputer The system is situated in Lugano Switzerland by the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre The center provides and develops essential supercomputing capabilities need to solve vital problems related to science or the society With the peak performance of more than 20 petaflops Piz Daint has enabled pioneering research It facilitates high resolution computer simulation for material climate or life sciences research The features and functionality of supercomputers are poised to continue as corporations and nations compete to develop a robust system Supercomputers can simulate real world problems and have proved incredibly useful in the numerous capacities As the digital world overtakes every element of the contemporary society the competition will continue to determine who has a faster and efficient computer References Kincade K 2016 November 16 Cori Supercomputer Now Fully Installed at Berkeley Lab Retrieved January 25 2018 from http www nersc gov news publications nersc news nersc center news 2016 cori supercomputer now fully installed at berkeley lab ORNL Oak Ridge National Library n d Titan Cray XK7 Retrieved January 25 2018 from https www olcf ornl gov computing resources titan cray xk7 Top500 List 2017 Sequoia BlueGene Q Power BQC 16C 1 60 GHz Custom TOP500 Supercomputer Sites Retrieved January 25 2018 from https www top500 org system 177556

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