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Supreme Court of the United States Of America This essay will discuss the issues conflicts successes within the Supreme Court of the United States of America because the Supreme Court is super interesting and people need to know more what it is about not just the good or the bad but both The Supreme Court of the United States of America is the highest federal court in the US That was founded in 1789 but the Court wasn t convened for the first time until February 2 1790 The Supreme Court is the final judge in all cases involving the laws Congress and the highest laws of the constitution in the USA The Supreme Court is important because they make a lot of our Country s decisions like taxes and so on The subjects that will be covered in this Essay are the differences on how it has changed over the past 200 plus years how it affects people the type of decisions they make and finally how it is different from the other Supreme Courts around the world On the 19th of October 1789 that was when the office began serving as our nation's first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 

The story of Jay quotes that he resigned from his position at the bench on 1795 to serve as New York s second governor apparently a newspaper in New York at the time said it was A promotion If that was the case today it would have been nearly impossible to imagine that Chief John Roberts would ever even in the slightest bit consider leaving the bench or that any news outlets would call it a promotion One question that most people would ask is what changed James mind after 7 years on the bench Often these day s we all fail to recognize the institution that we know now that is the Supreme Court of the United States in Jay s description But why Did we patch up the Constitution to protect the index judicial salaries to inflation and or constitutionalize federal appellate jurisdiction Well no not exactly The Court works under exactly the same constitutional provisions that restricted its operation in Jay's time But how could the same constitutional rules give rise to such different institutions One of the biggest answers to that question is that the premise may be incorrect In these recent years the court has often struggled with the power of the federal government to various segments of the private sector to make them regular Over it s history the Court has settled many major disputes with the President and Congress and with the federal government and state governments In the US any decisions that are needed to be made have to go through the Supreme Court before anything is official 

The greatest significance of the case is in what the court did not do The court did not reconsider Grutter v Bollinger which held that colleges and universities have a compelling interest in having a diverse student body and may use race as one factor in admissions decisions to benefit minorities The result is that affirmative action programs at colleges and universities across the country can continue but the court made clear that if challenged they must show that no race neutral alternative can achieve diversity The Supreme Court has often reflected the changing nature of American society A century later the high court led the way in forcing states to desegregate their school systems a ruling that accelerated the struggle for civil rights well into the 1960's In 1973 the Supreme Court issued its famous decision legalizing abortion another example of how its rulings affect the lives of individual Americans The Supreme Court makes lots of decisions 

The Supreme Court has often reflected the changing nature of American society In the mid 19th century the court issued an infamous decision upholding the notion that African American slaves were not full citizens Supreme Court justices are policy oriented strategic decision makers Like in 1962 how Engel V Vitale Declared that voluntary prayer in public schools was an unconstitutional establishment of religion under the First Amendment The time since the Supreme Court had first started they collectively have made around 8780 decisions WOW That's A lot The justices are somehow different from other well known figures in government They dress in long black robes They almost never appear on magazine covers and they seem to stay on the court forever They announce their decisions periodically then disappear into their Marble Palace Work Cited Kevin O Connor Supreme Court of the United States May 2009 https www supremecourt gov r 0 Accessed 14 December 2017 Timothy R Johnson The Supreme Court Decision Making Process Oxford Research encyclopedias Politics Nov 2016 http politics oxford com view 10 1093 acrefore 9780190228637 001 0001 acrefore 9780190228637 e 98 r 0 Acsessed 4 January 2018

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