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SWOT analysis is the complete assessment of a company’s Strength Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats The internal analysis is done by analyzing strengths and weaknesses and on the other side the external analysis is done by analyzing opportunities and threats Sarsby 2016 Strengths Most of the operational strategic and financial dynamics of SingTel are presently enhancing It is working as a sign that the present business strategies of the company are demonstrating to be fruitful and successful MBA Skool 2018 The company's key business events are focused in Australia and Singapore and their associates are placed in Hong Kong India Philippines Belgium Indonesia Thailand and Taiwan The spread of geographical processes will help the company because they will be less depending on the domestic market in order to earn revenue Maximum of their businesses are receiving revenue growth in double digit over the past year Weaknesses In Asia SingTel Company is a top telecommunication company the customer service department of the company has some scope for improvement Under the present highly competitive environment companies have to offer different products therefore to do this the company should provide training to its employees in order to handle the problems of the customers more effectively Opportunities Vietnam and Africa are the emerging markets in mobile space which absolutely value their interest and SingTel Company is keenly captivating the lead to discover the unused developing telecom market 

Threats At the time when Star Hub and Mobile One get certificates to sell Apple s widely held iPhone and they established on 9 December 2009 the 15th month monopoly was lost by SingTel Company Therefore the company will probably face stronger competition in the domestic market Recommendations The SingTel Company must make non replace and appreciated competitive advantage by creating durable core competencies and proficiencies Depending on the competitive advantage Richard D Aveni and Cliff Bowman make use of Strategy Clock in order to describe Michael Porter's generic strategy This strategy signifies diverse places in a market where consumers have diverse necessities in the matter of worth for money The company can have exclusive resources that others can't copy or acquire for instance long term recognized brand have a cost leadership as they follow lower prices or price based strategy On the other hand in the small local saturated market such as Singapore managers might take hybrid strategy or differentiation strategy that offers exclusive or somewhat diverse services or products to customers from others by valuing a little higher SingTel Company should implement a cost leadership strategy because the company can competently make services with unique attributes along with the ability to retain cost at the same time The company can earn new brooks of income to fulfill growing demands of the customer and permit its services and products to be supposed inversely from the competitors which will work as an opportunity for the company to gain the customers loyalty Along with this the strategy of cost leadership would allow the company to vend its services and products both at normal prices if the industry in order to get more profits as compared to competitors or at less than the prices of the industry to increase the market shares 

The competitors of SingTel Company like M1 and Starhub does not provide a wide range of services and products as the SingTel Company offers in the market There will be an increase of competition with the changes in the telecommunication industry structure by merging of technologies Therefore the danger of substitutes or alternates is high and confines the skill of the companies of telecommunication such as SingTel to increase prices As alternatives or substitutes influence the companies of telecommunication by price competition the strategy of cost leadership can be utilized in order to counter the new entrant s threat and alternates providing it a competitive advantage For example for quickly adopting the fast technology advancements SingTel Company can choose to invest in its IT services and products It will consequence in flexibility to lesser prices for retaining the customers in the beginning of price wars SingTel Company can keep some profitability whereas the competitors will suffer losses Even deprived of this price war the industry develops and prices begin to decrease the company which can provide inexpensive rates with advanced services allowing it to continue cost effective for a longer period Zhu 2018 Conclusion The above report has provided the brief explanation of the environmental factors that affect the financial position of the SingTel Company PESTLE and SWOT are performed to explain the same which has explained all the factors that affect the business Along with this the report has provided some recommendation that can help SingTel Company to improve its productivity and competitive advantage In the conclusion it has been identified that the company can adopt cost leadership strategy to give competition to the new entrants in the Singapore market

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