Essay Example on Syllogism is a form of argument that consists of deductive Reasoning








A syllogism is a form of argument that consists of deductive reasoning In order to arrive at a conclusion that is based on more than two propositions which are considered not to be false An example is that all mammals creatures tend to be warm blooded in conclusion all the black dogs also are warm blooded creatures It is for that reason that an informally stated syllogism is referred to as an enthymeme which in other words can be defined as an argument to which one premise isn t stated explicitly hence changing the previous example to an enthymeme becomes All black dogs are warm blooded as this is because all mammals are warm blooded Stages of listening My friend john was recently telling me about the new procedures implemented in the library on how to borrow a book by then this was new to me so I had to pay keen attention and receive the information thus the first stage after which I had to understand so I asked for further information on the issue only to remember that I say this on posters around the school but I wasn't keen I started evaluating the options I have and how to start using the new system then finally I responded by telling john that it was a nice idea that the school had come up with Usage of the modes of persuasion In order to convince someone concerning a certain issue I would use these

three modes for example given a hypothetical scenario that I am a doctor I would use ethos to convince a patient that a given form of treatment would guarantee full treatment and at the same time use pathos to make an argument that a certain habit would get him or her killed and recommend a stop to it Finally I would apply logos to explain the logic behind my instructions and their importance Critical thinking This is an objective analysis to facts that lead to a judgment critical thinking is important because it assists one to arrive at a conclusion about an assumption made The eight key principles include first the act of being curious which means asking questions secondly one is to define terms preceded by the act of examination of evidence in addition to that one is to analyze assumptions avoid reasoning emotionally avoiding oversimplification consideration to other interpretation and finally tolerance to uncertainty Hence using the above example about john telling me about the new procedure first I was curious and asked questions I avoided oversimplification and finally I ignored emotional reasoning because in one way or the other the new system would affect me as a student in one way or the other Presentation aids These are items other than words that assist one in making a presentation more precise and clear to the audience this may include photograph charts objects and diagrams People use this because the audience may understand the presentation better secondly the presenter would like to increase the interest of the audience to the presentation or in other words draw attention and thirdly the presenter would use them as reminders to the presentation the fourth reason is that the presenter would like to make his or her presentation more attractive and finally the usage of presentation aids puts more emphasis on the presentation itself 

In the internet when one goggles anything for instance human heart the resulting feedback comes with different drawings of the human heart hence making one understand more about it and at the same time act as a remained to the reader Public A public is the ordinary people or generally the community The public is connected to public speaking since the communication is conducted in public and it so happened that the public is the audience In the example of a political campaign the audience is a gathering of people from different walks of life hence considered a public but in this case they are the audience to the speech in the campaign Credibility One can tell that a source is credible if he or she trusts the author and secondly the readers trust the source In order to use a source one must first be reliant on the source secondly he or she must have used it before even in writing and finally be comfortable with the source Types of reasoning Deductive reasoning Inductive reasoning Toulmin Model Conclusive example John was born in London so he must be British The mandatory parts include the Grounds Claim and Warrant while the bonus parts include Bcking Rebuttal and Qualifier Identification This is a sense of identity of someone or something Hence connected to audiences when one delivers a speech in line with the present audience for instance one will speck differently to kids than he will to adults due to identification Works cited Copi Irving M Carl Cohen and Kenneth McMahon Introduction to logic Routledge 2016 Yarbrough Stephen R On the Very Idea of Composition Modes of Persuasion or Phases of Discourse JAC 2005 491 512 Bergqvist Ewa Types of reasoning required in university exams in mathematics The Journal of Mathematical Behavior 26 4 2007 348 370

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