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Throughout the years the idea of schools teaching their students about sexuality and gender has been a very controversial topic Mainly because schools aren t quite sure if it s what they call appropriate In my personal opinion that is an excuse because children and teens don t care about sexuality and gender but teens are often very confused about the subjects from overall lack of knowledge about the subjects Their lack of knowledge leads then to act very rudely towards those that are a part of the LGBTQA community because they don t understand Another factor is that adults have a tendency to tell their children that anything that s beyond the normal which is straight and cis is wrong or it s not real and or a mental illness So the children grow up thinking that anything beyond the norm is bad Then they pass it down to their children when its really not bad Schools need to properly educate children on this subject because being LGBTQA is not bad and definitely needs to be taught in schools and explained so that kids and teens who are maybe questioning their sexuality and gender can start to finally understand 

The suicide rates of LGBTQA youth are considerably higher than that of a heterosexual cisgender youth LGBTQA youth contemplated suicide at almost three times the rate of heterosexual cisgender youth LGBTQA youth are also five time more likely to have attempted suicide compared to a heterosexual cisgender youth Suicide attempts by LGBTQA youth are 4 6 times more likely to result in injury poisoning or overdose that requires treatment from a doctor or nurse compared to their heterosexual peers In a national study 40 of transgender adults reported having made a suicide attempt 92 of those individuals reported having attempted before age 25 If LGBTQA topics are taught about in the schooling systems we can lower these number cause to be honest that s absolutely ridiculous that they are that high If we can teach students about these topics the bullying rate could be lowered because then more students understand because when students are confused about a topic they are more likely to act out in violence or aggression because of the fact they don t understand it Now we come to the topic of teachers being biased Depending on the viewpoints of the teacher certain things could never be taught or could be mistaught so then the students could be learning incorrect information Also the fact that some people have religious beliefs that are against LGBTQA and that some people have parents against it To solve these issues schools need to make it a rule that the teachers must follow the curriculum that needs to be taught and that it should be a nationwide rule That it will be taught as another subject in health classrooms As for the religious beliefs and parents that don t support it it should be made a requirement to take the health class in order to graduate which most schools already have and that students can t opt out of it or else they will fail the class Gender dysphoria or body dysphoria is classified as a mental disorder illness Gender dysphoria is when a person s biological sex and gender identity do not match up It is defined as the distress or discomfort that arises from this discrepancy and can often times be very severe 

Teachers need to teach about gender and body dysphoria because non cis conforming students who are questioning and have been experiencing this have an answer Also so that the cisgender students understand what a person under the trans umbrella goes through and how nobody wants to go through that and how its not a choice There is a biological component that affects the development of gender identity before birth Much of the development of one s gender identity happens in the womb In my personal experience every time I personally have been confronted by a transphobic homophobic person they almost always back off or don t confront me or anyone else after the situation has been explained to them Almost every single one of them were just confused because they don t have much experience with LGBTQA people So therefore my statement that students need to be more educated on the topics that arise about LGBTQA students Mainly so that bullying that arises from these confused students happens less So that everyone can make educated opinions and not immature uninformed opinions that are irrelevant There are very many opinions on this subject but there s one opinion that will never change and that is that we need to teach students about sexuality and gender in our everyday curriculum Sexuality and gender is one of the most controversial talked about topics because no one knows whether or not it s apropriate for children and teens when its really no different than teaching about hetersexual relationships and cisgenders It is 2018 at this point it is near to impossible to try and avoid the topic because to be honest what s the big deal about being LGBTQA Just because someone s gay or trans doesn t mean they re the antichrist or that they need to be thrown into a mental asylum The Trevor Project Preventing Suicide Facts About Suicide https www thetrevorproject org resources preventing suicide facts about suicide sm 001bzq9wrr9nexp11b32itl6ad2wz 2017 Lgbt In Schools Cons to LGBT curriculum https lgbtinschools weebly com cons to lgbt curriculum html UCSB SexInfo Gender Dysphoria http www soc ucsb edu sexinfo article gender dysphoria 2018

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