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English Literature and Composition 22 January 2018 Technology has not always been praised for helping children go to sleep or participate in exercise but it has been praised in one specific way helping children with special needs My brother John has Autism Children with Autism which ranges in severity have a difficult time communicating and creating relationships John is on the high end of the spectrum causing him to be voiceless have epilepsy and insomnia Because he can not speak John resorts to yelling when he wants food when he is hurt and even when he is just playing Not being around John all the time can make it confusing for somebody to make sense what my brother is yelling about Since he can not speak John has been placed in speech therapy in hopes that he will find his voice one day As somebody who has a special needs sibling my family and I are always looking for something to make my brother's life and learning more accessible and of higher quality Many years ago technology such as iPads and SMART boards did not exist or were not being used to aid special needs students learning For kids who cannot speak who understand everything going on around them but just happen to be nonverbal there are high tech devices that can provide them with a voice Humienny For students like my brother John iPads would be a tremendous step forward in his learning Fortunately technology can be captivating for both kids who have and do not have special needs in the classroom 

This type of technology allows students to learn alongside each other The effect of technology on special needs children in the classroom is substantial in learning communication and social interaction While many people rely on technology to check the weather or social media such as Instagram and Twitter special needs children rely on technology for much bigger reasons communication hearing and even seeing In the early 1800s children with disabilities were not given an education but thrown in mental institutions never receiving help or getting better Furthermore in the 1900s special education children were given the opportunity to go to school but they were kept separate from kids who did not have disabilities Many years later in 1975 Public Law 94 192 is passed requiring public schools to provide an education for students with a broad range of disabilities Special Education Goes High Tech Technology was introduced into special education classrooms in the late 1900s with the introduction of the personal IBM computer This computer allowed special needs students to tap into software that would help them advance in their learning Special needs children require additional resources including technology sensory rooms and more to help them succeed in the classroom These students depend upon help like technology because of physical mental behavioral or emotional disabilities Special needs does not just include disabilities such as Autism or Down Syndrome but also includes cerebral palsy hearing impairments visual impairments speech delay and Attention Deficit Disorder There are an abundant options of technology for students in special education classrooms

These options include SMART boards iPads computers hearing aids digital textbooks voice recognition technology BrailleNote Apex and many more Special Education Goes High Tech The many types of technology are majorly beneficial in special education and have changed learning for the better Technology has an immense impact on learning in a special needs classroom Technology such as the iPad and the SMART board are great examples of technology that actively engage and captivate students with and without special needs Because these types of technology are so compelling both special education students and non special education students have the opportunity to learn alongside each other instead of keeping the students segregated Likewise technology such as computer screen magnification allows the user to select a portion of the screen and then enlarge that section up to 16 times the original size can aid students with visual impairments Hasselbring The computer screen magnification enables the students who can not see as well to be able to see the screen just as easily as students who are not visually impaired Along with magnification closed captioning on technology such as SMART boards can help a student understand what is being said Just as technology makes learning easier it also empowers students while learning Teachers can use HyperDocs in their classroom to allow students the choice to explore other subjects that they might miss out on in a special education classroom Kathryn Nieves explains A HyperDoc is a digital lesson plan that also incorporates choice in student learning I provide students with tasks they are required to complete and a variety of tasks they can choose from and can complete at their own pace HyperDocs let children learn more about topics they are personally interested in while still working hard

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