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Teenagers today experience a myriad of benefits from competing in high school football from developing mutual trust and team building to physical and personal skills as a young man With the multiple benefits teens participating in high school football must balance athleticism with the potential dangers and outstanding grades While sports are certainly a huge part of the high school experience all children and parents must be completely aware on the dangers and positive situations involved while playing such an intense sport Whether teens participate in the sport of football or decide to take other routes all school programs are designed to keep students on the right track Athletics offers teens a physical outlet to exert their troubles anger and emotions As high school boys begin to develop the sport of football really helps teach them to stay focused on their goal contain their anger and channel it elsewhere and teaches them their strengths and weaknesses while helping them understand their capabilities while staying on top of their academics

When high school teens participate in group competitions and activities they learn things that apply to both on and off the playing field Through this sport young men begin to develop a sense of drive and don't settle for just being average or being complacent Researchers at the Institute for the Study of Youth Sports at Michigan State University say Kids who participate in organized sports do better in school have better interpersonal skills are more team oriented and are generally healthier Metzl and Shookhoff say that sports help teens develop an array of personal skills including resilience attitude control time management and long term thinking abilities While young men playing football are exposed to opportunities to develop their personal and social capabilities athletes playing in public school sports also develop their physical attributes and fitness levels Today's teens are exposed to an array of entertainment avenues that may foster complacency like television video games and other social medias but the experience of football exercise and outdoor activities help enhance teens minds and bodies Involvement in football sporting activities keeps these young men moving and entertained vital for their overall health During these high school years teenagers bodies change drastically and participation in football can help them learn how to change and adjust to their developing body and physical abilities

A young man's hormones are constantly in flux Participation in football can actually help the body create more positive chemicals like endorphins and adrenaline which creates more stable moods positive feelings of happiness and decreased feelings of depression or sadness While teens begin to change and learn their new skills through the involvement of athletics they become more well rounded college applicants While any physical activity and the sport of football can provide teens with incredible benefits and opportunities parents and teenage athletes must also be aware of the potential downfalls of competition and athleticism As young men begin to make friends and engage in social outings their exposure to peer pressure may increase as well as anxiety with the urge to win While these may be considered to be more extreme in the downside of being involved with football any person or player who feels submissive by the persistence of competition may begin in harmful practices to satisfy their need to win According to Metzl Shookhoff Physical exertion can raise the level of pheromones and endorphins brain chemicals that cause exhilaration Exercise can also elevate the serum testosterone level which makes the heart beat faster While winning in football can boost the mood of those that find success in this sport both spectators and athletes may feel the opposite effects of upset or depression when a team has a terrible season

To Guide teens to safely participate in the sport off football teens may encounter some potential dangers from the sport parents can help promote a safe competitive drive by limiting the focus on winning and encouraging their child Metzl Shookhoff enforce that if parents and teens Remain unaffected by the toxins of winning at all costs and instead focus on effort and fair play youth sports can be beautiful exciting and fun They can provide kids with an extraordinary opportunity to express their talents and their character to run around screaming and laughing with joy To reach this parents and coaches should fight to keep the long term objective of sports and competition at the forefront while showing teenagers to do the same While considering the physical challenges of this sport parents can try to enforce certain rules during the season to help deal with the physical exertion problems Players may find it rather hard to keep the balance between both academia and athleticism during a sports season which means that frustrations and stress may happen so its important for parents to try and help relieve their child so it doesn't impede with their performance or grades Players grades may lower or their social life with friends may decrease if this happens parents can always try to find help from a coach or another parent for assistance in what to do Most of the time if the concern is valid and realized coaches will make teens to sit out during games until health attitude and safety is improved and enforced

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