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Ten Greenpeace activists dressed up as polar bears to protest against Arctic drilling they ended up getting arrested however lots of the general public witnessed it Another public stunt was to dump a coach sized polar bear sculpture outside Shells headquarters in London Again this was to expose offshore drilling this caused huge exposure as the story was getting broadcasted on news sites such as the Telegraph and BBC news They then switch to their second attack which is normally a post on social media and to also upload a video which gains millions of views I don t think my work will be as big scale as this however it does make me ask questions about how can I take my work in a similar direction to hopefully gain traction On one hand The Winter Alliance wants to gain as much notoriety as possible through social media spreading their messages at public events Where as Greenpeace are aimed towards the shock factor and getting people talking What do these campaigns lack The Winter Alliance lacks notoriety and they don't have a logo or any imagery associated with them they need a brand and recognisable imagery in order to succeed Greenpeace has notoriety through years of campaigning but it lacks a consistent style I reached out to

The Winter Alliance in order to gain primary research about their cause I emailed Ben the campaign director for more information on their campaign strategy and what they were actively doing to fight climate change Their initial focus is to encourage the use of 100 clean energy they will be moving to offer simple ways for people to offset their carbon emissions in the United Kingdom from wind sun and Bio fuels Their current work is intended to increase awareness of the winter alliance campaign by effective use of social media and working with partners and professional athletes to amplify their campaign message within the mountain sports community This information tells me who they are targeting in terms of target audience where their message is going to be seen and the location of their launch which is a key factor in the work that I am going to make A second strand of their campaign is to work with commercial organisations in the outdoor sector to switch to clean energy supplies and to offer energy efficiency advice Doing so they hope that they will project this information to their clients I also looked into other charities which purely focus on the mountains such as Green Alps a charity which instigates how alpine spaces could be improved with concrete measures by developing instruments to evaluate biodiversity and the services of Ecosystems in the Alps Cipra researched that temperatures in the Alps have rises by 2 degrees over the past 120 years which is almost twice as much as the global average And that the glaciers seen in resorts have shrunk to half their original size Choosing a charity and a target audience will help me to narrow down my practice and begin focusing on specific aims 

I drafted up an email in which I would send to several ski companies asking for information on sustainability and anything they are doing to help climate change I sent emails to Armada Line Atomic Salomon and Faction Below is my draft email I received replies from Armada Saloman and Atomic Atomics reply was the same as Salomans Although not entirely helpful Armada told me some charities which they support such as POW and JP Auclair s legacy Alpine Initiative None of the companies described any climate change styled skis nor gave me any templates to help with my work Pushing my designs onto skis which present ideas of sustainability is a good direction for me to go as it directly links to my target audience and charity work Armadas skis present vibrant colours and textures and often the images are spread between the top sheets of each ski this gives the design more continuity Looking for new sources of information about global warming I began taking notes during documentaries On Netflix there is a film called Cowspiracy which sheds a light on one of the main causes for global warming which they claim is eating meat They state that livestock produces more C02 emissions than transport which is a very controversial fact as most charities in the film try to ignore these facts

This documentary leaves the question if everybody changes the way we eat can we save the planet for effectively The second documentary that I watched was The lost winter it focuses on climate change and its effects on ski resorts in North America I was mainly researching facts during this documentary and learnt that the problem isn t just in Europe it is happening world wide Alaska's average temperature has gone up by half a degrees in 10 years Ski resorts have to haul huge amounts of snow from places which are saturated to the bottom of the ski slopes Alaska has had some of the worst effects from recent rises in temperature it also sheds the light on the amount of jobs which are at risk So the problems aren't just with people going on holidays its affecting the everyone A good logo can be identified without the text to back it up you should be able to identify its theme and direction purely by the design However 80 of logos don't actually present anything to do with the company or product so is it necessary for me to include imagery relating to global warming a

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