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BOOM That's how fast and surprising the attack on Pearl Harbor was one moment you're enjoying the sun and out of nowhere an attack breaks out led by Japanese soldiers I chose to research Pearl Harbor because I have always had a curiosity of World War II Pearl Harbor interests me because I am curious about how the Japanese managed to catch the United States off guard with a surprise attack in Hawaii without there being any warning or hint this attack was coming Another thing about Pearl Harbor that interests me is how the start of World War II was brought upon with the attack on Pearl Harbor Before I can start researching about Pearl Harbor I need to reflect on what I already know about Pearl Harbor I know that Pearl Harbor was unexpectedly attacked by the Japanese army I also know that the attack on Pearl Harbor was the start World War II Lastly I know that Pearl Harbor is located on the island 0ahu in Hawaii The information I personally want to learn about Pearl Harbor is the number of casualties of the attack I want to know the effects of this tragic attack and out of all places why did the Japanese select attacking Oahu Hawaii instead of somewhere closer Finally I d want to know what was Japan's motivation to attack 

The United States why did the Japanese feel it was necessary to potentially start a war What I need to research would have to start with the date of the attack Then following the date I would need to know the motivation of the attack and why I would also need to know what the major effects of this attack were and if we insisted this attack Lastly I would need to research if we retaliated the attack worsening the effects of pearl harbor more than it was originally The Search Results While Most of Europe was already fighting World War II conflict arose in Asia Japan and Russia had fought to gain control of Manchuria which resulted in Japan gaining control of all Manchuria In the 1930s the United States grew concerned with Japan's aggressive actions and by 1940 through 1941 it was decided to move the heart of the naval base from California to Pearl Harbor along with the Army Navy Airforce and Marine Bases This was to intimidate Japan from attacking But as Japan grew more powerful America decided enough was enough and set an embargo on oil and gasoline to Japan This angered Japan due to the fact the United States was Japan's main oil and gasoline export Pearl Harbor Deadly Surprise Attack DeAngelis Therese 

These materials were needed to run aircrafts and other war machinery so one can imagine how vital this was for Japan to be successful when winning their fight and eventually the war Japan seeing red decided that a major line had been crossed and America would pay for their transgression with war So Japan in an act of revenge formulated a plan that would bring America to their knees Japan s main plan of attack and goal was to cripple the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor to allow time for Japan to seize the resource areas it needed Pearl Harbor HistoryNet This plan Japan made also included fortifying the base to the point where reclaiming them would cost more lives than the Imperial High Command initially thought the United States would be willing to pay the price Pearl Harbor Hawaii is located near the center of the ocean estimated about 2 000 miles from the United States mainland and 4 000 from Japan Pearl Harbor History com To Japan Pearl Harbor had a large and easy target on their back But due to the distance this caused the U S to dismiss the idea Japan would wage war on the distant Island of Hawaii So one could only imagine when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor how shocked and unprepared the whole Country was for this attack The Imperial Japanese Navy air attack on the U S Navy Pacific Fleet base at Pearl Harbor on the Hawaiian island of Oahu on Sunday December 7 1941 was the event that brought the United States into World War II Pearl Harbor Laurie Clayton D For this attack would and did go down in history due to its major impact on America s play in World War II and the countries future

 The Japanese had a fleet of 20 warships including six aircraft carriers with 360 warplanes Japan left the Kurile Islands Naval Base on November 26 under the command of Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo When they arrived north of Hawaii early on December 7th Japan s aircrafts were spotted but were misinterpreted and were thought to be an incoming flight of B 17s expected to arrive that morning from California no alarms were sounded Pearl Harbor Laurie Clayton D As a result America sustained a loss of nearly 170 aircrafts destroyed 3 ships destroyed and a total of 3 700 Americans lost their lives to this tragic attack Pearl Harbor HistoryNet My Growth as a Researcher I have learned many things as a researcher one of them being how many vast ways of plagiarism For example paraphrasing without citing is plagiarism or that typing how many casualties of a specific event without citing were you found it is also plagiarism I ve learned Pearl Harbor had about 3 700 American casualties that could have been entirely avoided Pearl Harbor was also the United States main Naval base including the Navy Army Air force and the Marines I also learned that Japan had caused America to place an embargo on needed materials due to them being overly aggressive to become more powerful and gain territory This Attack is what initially brought United States into World War II along with other countries

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