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The 7th Arrondissement Paris the French Capital is a city that is full of life This bustling city welcomes millions of tourists every year due to its spectacular attractions It has long been viewed as the city of love and light and its reputation continues to soar with people across the world making it their destination of choice It is also arguably the most alluring cities across the European continent However Paris has 20 different neighbourhoods that are known as arrondissements This means that the city of Paris is divided along the system of arrondissements that spiral out of from the center of the city beginning from the 1st to the 20th one Most of these neighborhoods have famous tourist attractions and other important sights One of the most standout neighborhoods in Paris is the 7th Arrodissement About the 7th Arrodissement The 7th Arrodissement is located on the Left Bank of River Seine It is situated between the 6th and 15th arrodissements and covers an area of 4 09 square kilometres Based on the population statistics of 2011 this neighbourhood had a population of 57 786 There is no doubt that its population size has increased in the past six years 

Apart from its population the 7th arrodissement is regarded as one of the most expensive real estate districts of Paris as well as one of the richest if average income levels are considered The 7th arrodissement has been home to the French upper class and aristocracy since the 17th century They built the amazing townhouses especially those found in Faubourg Saint Germain Today these townhouses are uses as head offices for some of the nation's institutions and foreign embassies It is here that you will find most of the French government bodies such as the residence of the French Prime Minister You will always find French government ministries and the National Assembly in this part of Paris However the major attraction of the 7th arrondissement of Paris is the Eiffel Tower La Tour Eiffel This is one of the most recognized landmarks in the world that draws millions of visitors to the district It is without doubt the most emblematic of the city standing 307 metres high Atemezing et al 6 Visitors are free to use the elevator to explore this masterful architectural feat from whose top they can enjoy the Paris cityscape It is recommended that visitors should not miss the beautiful experience around the Eiffel tower of watching the lights glow against the black sky of twilight at dusk For those who are interested in a gourmet dish the Eiffel Tower provides the best opportunity since it hosts the Restaurant le Jules Vernes on its second floor This iconic restaurant provides the visitors with one of the best views of the City Additionally the restaurant also has expansive windows that allow visitors to enjoy the stunning views around the spectacular monument 

There are other important tourist draws in the 7th arrondissement Case in point are the Invalides which has the Napoleon's tomb and other museums such as Musee d Orsay the Musee du Quai Branly and the Musee Rodin The Musee d'Orsay is the most popular museum in Paris after the Louvre It offers a fantastic view of the 19th century art and a collection of Impressionist and post Impressionists Next is the Musee Rodin which is one of the city s peaceful museums It is a tribute to the nation s famous sculptor Auguste Rodin with over 6000 of his works On the other hand the Musee du quai Branly features the indigenous art of Oceania Asia Africa and the Americas Doersch et al 4 Street Walks of 7th arrondissement Given that the 7th arrondissement is set right in the heart of Paris it offers the perfect mix of Paris grandest sites Secondly the relaxed pace of life in the neighbourhood allows visitors to enjoy the narrow cobbled streets and bustling street markets Paris Perfect 1 This neighbourhood will be explored better through walking along the picturesque Seine and down the streets of rue Cller In particular the Rue Cler is one of the most decorated streets with food stalls and stalls that sell fresh produce Another key street is the Les Berges of Paris where along it you will find the park spaces public garden terraces and floating greenhouses Along the streetwalk you will cross the magnificent bridge known as Pont Alexandre III An Interesting Person in the Arrodissement The 7th arrondissement is home to Karl Lagerfeld He is considered the most famous and influential fashion icon in the world He also holds the titles of creative director photographer and artist Believed to have been born in 1933 Lagerfeld is still well on top of the fashion world today due to his work as the head creative director in Chanel and Fendi as well as his collaborations with Chloe H M and KARL He is one of the most memorable residents of 7th arrondissement and fashion enthusiasts will feel more welcome to this neighbourhood Works Cited Atemezing Ghislain Auguste and Raphaël Troncy Comparing vocabularies for representing geographical features and their geometry Terra Cognita 2012 Workshop Vol 3 2012 Doersch Carl et al What makes paris look like paris ACM Transactions on Graphics 31 4 2012 Paris Perfect The 7th Arrondissement The Heart of Paris Retrieved from https www parisperfect com 7th arrondissement php

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