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The acquirement of excessive knowledge is detrimental as evidence by transgenic studies on animals vaccines and brain implants A scientific breakthrough like transgenic studies can be amazing or can cross the line Transgenisis is modifying a genome for a specific purpose Many transgenic animals suffer through test trials for knowledge Transgenic animals are injected with diseases and then further tested on all for knowledge The article in which this information came from Transgenic Animals further states how transgenic research is affecting animals Species extinction is another evident point exhibited in this line of research Reduced viability was said to have an effort on if not every many species that are being tested on Transgenesis one injected can spread naturally and can cause reduced reproduction Because it is passed down through generations it can easily cause extinction for a whole species This research helps my point in that it gives factual evidence backing the negatives of Transgenisis research The reduced viability of offspring will cause eventual local extinction This shows how transgenic research is taking a toll on many species Any species being modified in this way for any reason can be in danger Species such as cows or pigs that are tested on can be wiped out generations at a time Another main idea to support the thesis is vaccines This breakthrough came in and was so significant it became nearly mandatory and highly suggested for civilians It was one of the biggest medical breakthroughs Or was it There are cases in which a vaccine can cause side effects such as paralysis or even death 

All vaccines are loaded with chemicals and heavy metals and studies show even pediatricians and doctors are delaying vaccines for their own children and families In the article Negatives to Vaccines it focuses on the effects of the HPV vaccine and its growing popularity This vaccine can cause many side effects Because of its growing popularity if not careful these side effects could become a pandemic Many doctors and physicians warn to be careful when seeking out this treatment stating findings suggest that there is an association between a defective response to hepatitis and a progression of HPV and proceed with caution This source tells the negatives of a very popular vaccine It backs the claim that even the most popular of vaccines can be extremely harmful It bears a warning label as it should This vaccine is said to make you sicker And if this one can how about the less popular vaccines or other vaccines that are just as popular in which the scientists have not chosen to make a statement yet In regards to textual evidence another factor would be the book Frankenstein When Frankenstein discovered how to recreate life he did so in turn setting off a serious of unfortunate events With his excessive knowledge Frankenstein created life a monster raised from his grave Unexpectedly the monster rose hideously disfigured a terrifying rotting corpse Frankenstein created something so hideous even him as the creator could barely stand to look at what he created So he abandoned it Once the monster that was presumably resting peacefully in its grave discovered it was brought back to life and then abandoned cursed to walk alone it grew angry

The monster tried to make its unnatural existence normal by mingling and exploring however whenever it crossed paths with anyone they would chase him away with fire and violence due to how hideous he was When the monster discovered the aggression toward him was because he was ugly and rotting his anger grew If Frankenstein would ve never discovered the knowledge of creating life the monster would ve never been created and the lives that were lost would ve sparred If the monster never discovered how ugly he was he would ve never been out casted being left to wallow in his self pity and anger Another breakthrough was brain implants Brain implants were once tested on humans for research in the soviet days A victim of this research was forced into the procedure and had a transmitter implanted into the frontal lobe of his brain Afterwards the patient made claims of drifting into madness In later reports this victim reverted to crime They call the victims of these implants today modern slaves because they are not in control of themselves and are negatively affected by this The transmitters were evidently spy technology created and used by the Nazi party and many of the victims were Jew prisoners in the camps In the article titled Brain Implant Victims it tells of the experience of a man who was thought to have known too much so he was captured and then experimented on They implanted a radio transmitter in his head The stories continue and states how the victim reacted in only negative ways to having this technology in his head This source is most definitely an example of too much knowledge is a bad thing This article states many victims and different cases all negative This article states many victims and different cases are all negative Many of the cases all share the same stories Stories of slow descent into madness and reverting to a life of crime to cope with the signals being heard in their heads are evident My capacity for logical thought was impaired and due to the brain washing I had great mnemonic problems which created daily chaos Victim of implants Too much knowledge is detrimental

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