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The advancement of technology the increase in the communication barrier and the necessary cultural tolerance impact the day to day of social work when not fully understood Technology E Learning Phelan James E The Use of E Learning in Social Work Education E learning is an evolutionary method for Taking in over social work Recent innovations with e learning have changed education so that it can be completed at the same time as something else The author provides a systematic discussion of e learning and its role in social work education E learning appears as a hybrid venue when used in academics Long distance teaching regardless of the media or technology used is not by itself a contributing variable in students achievement The priority of teaching and learning should be on effectiveness regardless of the mode of delivery Current research on e learning can be improved by increasing the rigor of teaching methods and theoretical considerations 

This information is necessary as the profession navigates the best ways to meet in the changing needs of social work students and social workers in the field ICT Baker Steven et al Reimagining the Relationship between Social Work and Information Communication Technology in the Network Society Australia and most of the world is experiencing a large cultural change most likely caused by the use of information and communication technology ICT This particularly rough relationship stems from the technological change imposed on social work practice has stemmed a particularly rough relationship Baker New devices such a smart phones tablet computers and social iterations of the Internet are impacting communication patterns and contributing to the merging of people s online and offline lives Baker proposes that social work must overcome it s reluctance to embrace ICT if it is to remain up to date and effectively advise on modern issues In particular he argues that social work professionals need to begin a dialogue with IT developers social service managers and funding bodies about the need for practice lab ICT systems This paper examines the troubled history social work has had with technological change and concludes that the adoption of a practice let approves to ICT use in education practice and research provides a strong foundation for reimagining the relationship between social work and technology Communication barrier Furman Rich et al Social Work Practice with Latinos Key Issues for Social Workers Detail Support Support Interview questions on cultural barrier Support Support Cultural Tolerance Detail Casado Banghwa Lee et al Culturally Competent Social Work Research Methodological Considerations for Research with Language Minorities 

Despite the growing number of language minorities the population has been largely left out of social work research due to the challenges involved in conducting research Considering the professional standards call for cultural competence a discussion of how to implement strategies for culturally competent research with language minorities is regrettably limited in the social work education system Casado is one of the first within the field of social work to try and provide a unique perspective on issues that may arise throughout the research development process with this population Casado expresses that programming that lacks the information of the needs of language minorities can inadvertently contribute to poorer quality of care transition into bilingual pay increase and day to day 6 000 year Bureau of Labor Statistics Social workers help people solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives They Identify people and communities in need of help Clinical social workers also diagnose and treat mental behavioral and emotional issues Social workers work in a variety of settings including mental health clinics schools child welfare and human service agencies hospitals settlement houses community development corporations and private practices Although most social workers work in an office they may spend time visiting clients School social workers may be assigned to multiple schools and travel around the school district to see students

 These are all settings where it is more than likely for a language minority to approach needing similar care as your typical English speaker Something about how being uneducated can affect your ability to help the other 20 of the population Women of Color in Social Work Moore Linda S Women and the Emergence of the NAACP Women played an important role in the formation of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People NAACP Using network analysis Moore studied the alliance of African American and White women who signed The Call a petition calling for a national conference to gain civil rights for African Americans These links led to the origin of one of the most successful organizations in the fight for equality Their experiences reflect the segregation and conflicts of the era Moore also suggest strategies for facing cultural issues today Teaching about social work history its legacy of reform and its commitment to social justice gained from the social movements of the Progressive Era can help social work students most of whom are women understand how social change can occur Social workers were public figures instrumental in the development of policy that affected children's rights labor civil rights immigration and women's rights during the Progressive Era Teaching about social work s legacy of reform its commitment to equality and social justice gained from the social movements of the Progressive Era particularly the development of the NAACP and the importance of developing links outside traditional organizations can facilitate students understanding of how social change can occur 485 In conclusion restate thesis and wrap up

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