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The reason why the allele frequency that causes sickle cell anemia is at a high frequency is due to an antagonistic pleiotropy Heterozygous for the sickle cell anemia makes an individual resistant to malaria and there is also no outcome of any symptoms The high frequency is not continuous throughout a population it would be a lot more common in areas where there's a much higher risk for an individual to be affected by malaria An increased resistance to malaria in an area like these would be heterozygous advantage Certain populations will have big populations of heterozygous individuals despite the fact that being homozygous for sickle cell anemia has the consequence of being lower fitness Natural selection is the process in which those with advantageous traits will not only survive the longest but also leave the most offspring Organisms that have heritable features that help them survive and reproduce leave more offspring This means that over generations these heritable features will be very common in the population Phenotype essentially is a product of genotype Natural selection responds to an organism phenotype Microevolution can be caused when a phenotype helps with an organism survival and reproduction natural selection has the potential to increase the frequency from one generation to the next 

The phenotype and genotypes that benefit from natural selection have the highest fitness Survival and the number of offspring produced per mating are both major parts of fitness In the end fitness essentially equals reproductive success In a population there is variation in genes for traits that make a species unique Alleles are other forms of a gene So each person has a certain eye color hair color etc The alleles that are the best will survive and reproduce Every individual aim to survive so that they can reproduce and pass on those alleles In every generation there are some individuals who were successful in surviving and reproducing and others were not The fate of someone is ultimately based on their chances of survival and their reproduction depends on its characteristics If conditions were to change such as climate change then theres a chance that those alleles that were successful no longer work as well If the population has no alleles that will allow an individual to survive under new conditions then the species will end up extinct The importance of the size of a population is big because more genetic variation will be in the population making it withstand any changes Genetic drift is a change in genetic composition of a population due to random sampling The effect genetic drift can have is based on population size 

For example if the population is small then the impact of genetic drift will be greater Whereas larger populations have the capacity to withstand it Genetic drift is capable of causing a population to lose genetic variation Not only does it have more serious results in a small population but it also acts faster This is vital to species that are endangered Genetic drift is also able to contribute to speciation Bottleneck is a sudden change that decreased the population size leading to a change in allele frequencies An example of this is a natural disaster This disaster affects the population leaving a small population The gene pool is acknowledged as bottleneck Founder effect happens when a small number of individuals dawn a new population It will frame its very own gene pool from the small population that strayed away Migration results in populations becoming less similar over time Evolution is specified for a population not for an individual The population develops as the percentage of individuals acquire favorable traits There is a change in genetic characteristics individuals essentially keep the same genes

 The genes in the population will change due to the individuals dying and new individuals will take over Evolution will change the frequency of the allele in a population of organisms that share a common gene pool Evolution has appeared over millions of years through odd mutations in offspring Darwin s survival of the fittest states that organisms that best adapt to their environment will survive and reproduce I believe that behavior definitely evolves in population One example that comes to mind is that wolves learned to hunt together in packs due to it being more effective This proves that behaviors can evolve Altruism is usually only good for the population and not the individual Furthermore altruism will evolve in a population if the behavior has an increase in fitness or does not lose fitness Also altruism is an adaptive behavior that has an impact on the genetic composition the population The word itself is defined as being selfless An example would be a meerkat screeching when it sees a predator this puts it at risks because it drew attention to itself However the other meerkats will have a chance to escape

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