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In this report I am going to explain about the application layer and how it links with the application layer protocols Therefore I am going to explain how all protocols such as SMTP HTTPS HTTP and FTP how they all link with each other I will also try to describe each protocol and what s their purpose or why they are used for as TCP IP will be the main to look after in this report 2 TCP IP TCP IP is also known as Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol TCP IP or Internet protocol suit helps to perform end to end connectivity specifying as how data should be well routed addressed packetized and received at the right destination It specifies how the data is being exchanged over the internet It is meant to make networks reliable with the ability of recovering automatically if it fails to succeed from any device on the network it requires little central management which is a plus point It makes sure that every single packet is created sent and well retrieved and the internet follow the protocol to make it is sent safely It consists of four layers the transport layer represents Data link layer and TCP the application layer is represented by HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol 

The diagram below represents what data goes through from it and it is sent to all other different targets point to be noted is that each single packet is filled with information that represents various and various layers in it Application packet is marked IP address and the address it also marks and intended target The main part is TCP IP allows only two devices to communicate each other and makes sure that it reaches the exact destination It also makes sure that all its data is received and is depended on the protocols used within the layers of it so data can be safe and secured while sending it At last it is important to check that layer does not link about the other and do their own task as they receive the data from the previous layer Application layer sends data to the layer of the transport and receives data from the user computer So that if the user logs in a browser HTTP would be used in the application layer on its input and connect 3 Application layer It is a top layer of Internet protocol suite This layer includes all the applications that use transport layer protocols to send it data to all the destination computers All the emails messages videos browsers are type of its software program and that s the application its trying to link with

There are number of protocols inside the application layer of TCP IP The protocol that is used for to make communication to happen will depend upon the purpose what s the internet is asking them for Application layer that allow communication includes HTTP It takes cares of the communication that occurs between web server and web browser For example if a client or customer requests a web page from the internet and it will help to find it on the web server SMTP It is transfer of receiving and sending emails It is like basically post office as the server will wait until the user s emails information is received and forwards to the exact recipient s emails FTP It takes cares of the transfer files between computers such as uploading and downloading stuffs from internet 4 Network layer The network layer also called as Internet layer deals with all the packets and connects to huge independent networks it transports that packets to across the boundaries of its whole network It can also remove given addresses and helps to pass it to transport layer and unpacking is processed as well Therefore it is basically used for sending packets to their correct destination and helps to handle the movement of data 5 Transport layer The Transport layer is the main responsible for the main maintaining end to end communication all over the network It focuses and handles over the communication between the hosts that they relate to It also provides the control of flow reliability and mainly multiplexing It acts like a backbone to make the data flow between two hosts 

There are many protocols in it but the most used are TCP and UDP UDP is used in case of unreliable connection where as TCP is used where reliable connection is needed TCP acknowledges all the received packets waits for the packets it sent and resend the acknowledges which are not send in given time Therefore UDP does not take any extra time to ensure that the data sent is received by its target host or not more importantly 6 Data link layer The data link layer is also known as the network interface layer It basically consists of the device drivers in the OS and all the network interface card that is attached to the system Both gives attention and take care of the communication details with the media importantly that is being used to transfer the main data over the network For example school sending important data packets from a system over school big network ethernet which should be in the correct format for its Ethernet It will reach to the school main Internet router which will transfer the packets into the main cloud

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