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Introduction The assignment is objected to studying the mental health nursing in different cultures the legal and ethical requirement of the profession the importance and the barriers they face while interacting with mental health people and how communication helps to empower and treat them Hurley et al 2014 Mental health nursing in different cultures and different groups In the most medical conditions there is an expectation that irrespective of what nation or culture the person pretentious was living in the practice of illness would be very alike and that there would be shared consent for example about who was feeling measles and who was in pain from asthma Stevens et al 2013 Social dissimilarities disturb facets of behaviour major for creation a diagnosis Behaving in a showy and demonstrative fashion could be considered as an indication of mania Likewise engaging in a lengthy period of grief subsequent a close bereavement could be understood as sorrow that has fallen over into clinical depression Mårtensson et al 2014 The additional point is that there are apprehensions that as emerging countries lack the mental health infrastructure of developed countries there are numerous individuals who are not getting suitable treatment or who might be treated with unkindness or being forced into victimization of misbehaving and isolation as well Videbeck 2013 Legal and ethical requirements to mental health nursing Hurley et al 2014 opinions out that an ethical dilemma happens when there is a mass of alternative sequences of the act to tackle with a specific condition

Contradicting ethical values may create difficult ethical and moral dilemmas for nurses by means of having to violate one moral responsibility to support additional Respect for independence and self sufficiency flows from the appreciation that all persons have unrestricted value everyone having the ability to define his or her own ethical destiny Hurley et al 2014 Morality needs not only that nurses should treat mentally ill patients autonomously and catchphrase from hurting them but also those they should add to their welfare and is consequently an ethical obligation to deed for the benefit of others These helpful actions fall under the categorization of beneficence to all Townsend 2014 The NMC Code of Professional Conduct is strong in asserting that nurses have a responsibility to both defend and endorse the health and well being of patients as their chief deliberation and this is no dissimilar for mental health nurses functioning with patients who are mentally ill even self harm Fortinash Worret 2014 Effective communication with mentally ill to empower them The effective communication is the key for mental health nurses to empower mentally sick people There are different approaches in terms of effective communication with the following of ethical grounds The first approach is the nurses can increase readiness

They have to create a supportive relationship with their clients by creating smaller opportunities for success and building up to them by increasing their self esteem Wynaden et al 2014 Develop trust is the second approach provided by effective communication nurses should try to promote meaningful and active participation by showing empathy and genuineness and reinforcing the decision making by mentally ill clients The other approach is the adaptation to treatment planning for clients from diverse backgrounds Videbeck 2013 To engage people with different cultural racial or ethnic disparities in treatment planning they should be trained with additional cultural competence to enable nurses understand their client s attitudes behaviours with an aim to match with the most effective treatment procedure and options and if big cultural gap exists then ensure to have an interpreter to bridge the communication gap Wynaden et al 2014 Skills and knowledge required for effective mental health nursing For mental health nursing core communications skills are required The information and relational skills that a nurse utilizes to interconnect are vital features of helping the individual who is suffering mental health problems or distress as well as easing the growth of a positive nurse client association Townsend 2014 Listening Listening is the most crucial skill and sometimes the most important barrier to effective communication with the mentally ill client Most of the nurses give less priority to effective listening

 Listening skills develop to show that a nurse feels cared about and accepts the point of view of the client Helps to feel heard and understood the problem significant and respected provide less isolation environment to the client and make sense of the present situation Hurley et al 2014 Touch Touch as a procedure of non verbal communication is a significant component of healing communication In mental health nursing touch can be utilised as a means of comforting or breaking down barriers amid nurse and client Touch can be contributory or practical whereby the use of touch is necessary or deliberate while giving treatment to mentally ill patients and the skill is necessarily required by mental health nurses Mårtensson et al 2014 Reflecting skills Reflecting skills are such skills that assist the mental health nurse with an emphasis on the client s viewpoint and as such buoy up person centred communication The chief code in by means of reflective skills includes classifying the individual s central message and replying it back to them with the use of your own wards Fortinash Worret 2014 Conclusion From the above analysis it can be concluded that its moral and ethical obligation on mental health nurses to treat patients with kindness and learn the effective communication skills that are highlighted in the study to understand and empower mentally ill people

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