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The author uses a metaphor to describe a fireman Guy Montag compares himself burning a fire to a conductor at a symphony This portrays Guy s thoughts on his job Symphonies are usually thought as beautiful that is what Guy thinks burning books is The author uses this metaphor to show how in this society burning books is thought as being a respectable job Guy Montag is a fireman who meets Clarisse McClellan Guy Montag sets books on fire because it is illegal to read books This is similar to the society in the Harrison Bergeron story The people in that society are oppressed and cannot be themselves In this society people are not allowed to read books or think about certain topics I predict there will be a significant reason why they are not allowed to read books After talking with Clarisse she asks Montag if he is happy At first he dismisses it and says he is happy After thinking about it for a while he realizes he is not happy at all Guy Montag had not been happy for a long time but had never thought about it until Clarisse mentioned it I can relate to Clarisse when she calls herself antisocial in the sense that socializing should just be two people having a conversation This quote also shows how peculiar Clarisse is she is the only one in her school who likes to think and isn't interested in going to a Fun Park or hurting someone Clarisse was not normal compared to the rest of society She is the one who gets Guy to start thinking about the world and the past The fact that the she would just vanish is strange The society they live in thinks it's not normal to think differently I don t believe Clarisse and her family just left out of the blue the officials might be involved in their disappearance The author adds this to show how Guy Montag is developing 

Montag realizes how much time and effort authors put into writing their books He realizes that books are actually valuable and starts thinking more thanks to Clarisse In the beginning of the chapter he doesn't think twice about burning books With this the author is saying technology has taken over this society Before when people read books they weren't as controlled by them as people are with technology They could stop reading a book whenever they pleased but in this society they cannot stop watching the televisors Faber has no TV parlors in his house because he is content with knowledge and books whereas Mildred begs for a fourth TV parlor When Montag reads from a book to Mildred's friends he gets different reactions One of her friends Mrs Phelps starts to cry On the other hand Mrs Bowels gets angry with him and thinks the words are silly I think this shows how powerful books are and how they spark different emotions in the reader Faber says the Bible and all books contain all the things that make up life The good and bad in life He says their pores are what make the people in his society hate books because books are so real People in this society are afraid of real Montag realizes that this is what he's been missing in his life Mildred's friends don't care for their children they think they re a bother and don t like taking care of them

This shows how the women in this society have become materialistic and self centered They do not care about anything but themselves and their material goods In chapter 1 Clarisse's family all talk to her and love her like a family should with their child In the story many things have animal names like the fire truck being called the salamander I believe this shows how the machines technology are taking over There are not any real animals in the story Maybe they were not a vital part of of society and where all removed or they went extinct Before when people were able to read books people were truly happy They had an opportunity to learn new information and build upon it Now with the censorship laws people are not happy They are shallow and materialistic because that's all they have they have no knowledge A theme is true and sincere happiness The people in this society would rather take the easy way out than face their problems Instead of dealing with them they burn them I think this is why they burn books With books come knowledge and with knowledge there is bound to be some controversy They would rather have no books instead of facing the problems that come with books

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