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The basic definition of leadership according to Oxford Dictionaries is the action of leading a group of people or an organization In my mind leadership means not only leading others but knowing how to lead yourself I believe my greatest strength is being able to deal with adversity Anything from dealing with drama at school to helping in a third world country I feel I can use good judgment and leadership skills to help resolve the issue Over the past few years as a passionate open minded and gritty being I have had learned from and endured many experiences of leadership through myself and others Through middle school and high school I have done extensive volunteering around the world and in the community I have done three mission trips out of the country and help in the community in my free time My last two life changing service trips have been through Global Leadership Adventures which is a volunteer organization for specifically high school students 

The goal for each trip is to learn leadership skills while exploring and serving the local community We are taught to be open minded and are inspired by mentors to grow into self governing leaders and global thinkers These for which I am proud I have learned and carry into my everyday life Since I was taught by motivating mentors the intelligent mindset I have gained has improved my self initiating leadership and how I teach others to be leaders in their own lives Global Leadership Adventures has trained me to become a leader not only in my own life but also globally which will continue into my future This past summer on my Cultural Kaleidoscope service trip to Thailand I joined a group of students from around the world to teach English to the local children I explored the Thai culture and lives of monks while learning their spiritual overview of the world This learning opportunity helped me to change my own life and create new goals to make me a strong more intuitive leader One Thai woman of the Akha Hill Tribe told an incredible story about her hardships compared to ours in America 

The village people are very poor and are unable to afford healthy food like meat She was such an independent strong leader in such hard situations It was a spark of realization for me and I acknowledged that I need to become strong just like her and need to take initiative Another way Global Leadership Adventures has helped me emerge into a young leader is through our daily tasks while abroad Each day a couple students were chosen as leaders of the day We oversaw creating and drawing out the schedule for the day as well as presenting it to the group Throughout the day it was our job to make sure everyone was doing what they were appointed to and staying hydrated At the end of the day we would gather all the students and mentors for dinner and reflect on what we learned and our goals for the future After this trip I have officially altered my way of living I had always believed leadership was overseeing others My idea of it has completely flipped Leadership is accepting others views and teaching them to better themselves in the best way possible It is being the best version of yourself primarily to set a good example to those who look up to you and gain their trust so they can become the best versions of themselves and acknowledge their own personal strengths that they did not know they even had

This major life experience led me to recognize strengths of mine I never knew existed Back home and in the community, I have been learning to lead myself and others in different ways I was born and raised in Orlando Florida and that was all I knew for fifteen years Moving to Georgia I did not know what feeling new was like At my old school Windermere Preparatory School the biggest advantage anyone could have was to maintain a strong reputation and build connections with others Starting the sophomore year at Cambridge High School I led myself to figure out what all we have in common bond and build strong connections that will last a long time The determination to overcome an obstacle is a trait very difficult to come by It is a characteristic that is different in every perspective

There are many views of perseverance but while most people give up I have learned that if there is a will there's a way My strength in doing this is that is a personal goal that I am always passionate about everything I do My open mindedness and grittiness also correlates with my leadership ability I never shit anything down and always try to have an open mind about everything But when I find something I want or need I am determined to reach my goal and accomplish the plan I am a very bold and spirited person who loves a good challenge Learning from my life experiences have led me to be the Vice President of Leadership for the DECA club at my high school among many other accomplishments In my life I have faced many barriers but they have only strengthened me I grew immensely into the leader I am today from giving back and have gained a fresh perspective on my surroundings Whether it was from spreading mulch in my local park or teaching elementary kids the English alphabet in Thailand I became worldlier and learned to appreciate life and my ability to lead a lot more In a circumstance with adversity I use my leadership skills learned from experiences to swim in a sink or swim situation

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