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Theology 9 D A Rubang 01 12 18 The Big Idea The Holy Trinity This past year we have started our adventure of learning about christianity We have developed many big concepts so far such as the role of the church the life of Jesus and God's gifts to us The main theme of the first semester we have learned about is that Jesus is our lord and savior god is our father and creator and the holy spirit is the bond between them so God is three distinct persons God is in many ways a father but he also carries many other traits about himself such as being omniscient omnipotent transcendent immanent eternal and divine God the father created our world that we live in today which started as a garden with the only humans existing Adam and Eve As well as creating the earth he also created heaven Since He is all powerful we look up to him In this chapter we learned about the many beliefs of god For example deists believe that God created the universe but he takes no further interest in it We also learned the different types of religions with their connections to god s Monotheistic is the belief in one god and polytheistic is the belief in multiple gods God is the first person in the blessed trinity as God the father

 God communicates with us through the divine revelation and in this we feel a closer bond to God No matter what God loves us all and this is the message he wants to make clear to us in this way he acts like our father The name Jesus in hebrew literally means God saves and savior and Christ refers to the anointed one He proved his divinity when he was crucified and in doing so died for our sins becoming our savior He was the sacrificial lamb that represented gentleness and innocence making him the perfect offering for God When a man offers a sacrifice of peace offerings to the lord to fulfill a special vow or for a freewill offering of the herd or of the flock it must be perfect to be accepted there shall be no defect in it Leviticus 22 2 Jesus also has two natures one is divine and one is human he is one being and one essence When the incarnation occured the word became flesh and God took a human form in Jesus Christ who would eventually save us from our sins He became our king because he was the God incarnate He lead a life of suffering in order for our salvation which is God's forgiveness of sins granted by Jesus Christ The holy spirit is what connects the father and the son in one union Another name for the Holy Spirit is paraclete which means advocate defender or consoler The holy spirit is sometimes represented as a dove or fire to express the idea of peace purity and light These characteristics are some of the fruits of the holy spirit which are perfections that appear based off of our relationship with the holy spirit Jesus Christ was conceived through the holy spirit The holy spirit is present in the church 

The church is the body of Christ meaning that its a collective of both the spiritual and the physical There are four marks of the church one holy catholic apostolic One refers to the Divine worship celebrated in common especially in the seven sacraments and with each sacrament we grow closer to God Holy refers to how God uses her to bring his life and light in the world to sanctify the Church Catholic refers to Following Jesus commands to go out to call people Finally apostolic means that the church Continues to hand on the teachings of the Apostles We are one large community who profess the same faith in Jesus Christ and serve under the guidance of the Holy Spirit God's grace to us which is the gift of friendship and life that He allows us to share with him can be the beacon of hope we look to sometimes We know He is always there just like in the presence of the holy spirit All three of these divine persons father son and holy spirit equally make up the blessed trinity The same God resonates in all of them and is shown in different ways Jesus is the direct image of God the Father was shown through his creations and his son and the holy spirit was shown through the immaculate conception and how it compelled people to go out and preach about Jesus teachings In conclusion the big picture of the material covered in theology this past semester is the holy trinity and how it relates with the church The main point is that God is three distinct persons the father the son and the holy spirit and one is not greater than the other They are all equally God united in the trinity and in these three persons is one God

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