Essay Example on The Blood of Afghanistan KABUL 1981 They could hear It









The Blood of Afghanistan KABUL 1981 They could hear it The sound of the bombs blasting above the roofs of their khona home getting louder and louder Medina was quivering with fear No She couldn't She had to protect her siblings You guys be quiet whispered Medina The bad people are going to come if we make noise Medina Where is mom and dad asked Shayan Medina s younger brother She didn t know how to answer They were running behind them when they were on the way to their khona Then the bombs started Her parents got lost in the crowd of people running for their lives I don t know said Medina But we need to keep moving to the border they would want us to Medina got up and her siblings followed her She opened the door and her jaw dropped What once was a beautiful marketplace became a wasteland in a matter of seconds Her younger sister Leila started to cry and yell at the sight of the wasteland Afghanistan was ruined What once was a beautiful land filled with lush crops and fruits of all colors had vanished Shayan please shut her up now said Medina We can t risk them hearing us Leila mugged her sister 

Well excuse me for having emotions khar donkey said Leila You re deewana crazy Medina ignored her sister She did not have the time to go back and forth with Leila They were always fighting Mainly because Leila was not Medina s true blood Leila was the bastard child of their father and an infamous local entertainer Medina walked through what was left of the marketplace and her siblings They continued to walk north for miles With no food or water Medina did not know how to feed her siblings They pleaded to stop and find food many times during their trip but Medina reminded them that they are in danger Medina and her siblings arrived at the city of Herat located on the border of Afghanistan and Iran Medina knew that her aunt lived in Herat Khala lives here said Medina We will go to her house and leave Afghanistan with her Leila and Shayan looked at each other and nodded Medina led the way towards their aunt's house When they got there Medina knocked on the door No response Medina broke through the door and screamed in fear Leila and Shayan ran to see what scared her sister Then they saw it The knife covered in blood laying on the floor Their aunt who was known for her beauty her rosy cheeks and pale skin gone Her disfigured face sat staring at the wall dead Leila started to scream and cry Leila said Medina Please stop crying otherwise the bad people will come Leila ignored her sister and ran upstairs screaming Medina picked up the knife She saw the crest of the radical Taliban on it She knew it Shayan Medina said Get Leila now 

We have to get out of here Shayan followed her sisters orders and went upstairs to get his sister Medina grabbed a thin soft sheet and covered her aunt s face Suddenly Medina heard the noise of tanks and cars coming towards the house Medina yelled for Shayan and Leila to hurry No one responded She quickly ran upstairs to get them but she they were nowhere to be found Shayan Leila she screamed Medina ran throughout the house screaming her siblings name until she saw it The door at the end of the hallway that was slightly opened and creaking She cautiously walked towards the door Medina put her hand on the cold doorknob and opened the door swiftly She screamed She saw both her siblings tied up with tape across their mouths She untied her siblings and embraced them Medina watch out yelled Leila Suddenly a tall man grabbed Medina by the hair and pushed her on the floor Medina screamed for help She told her siblings to run and they did Give me all the money you have screamed the man I don't have any cried Medina Please let me go The man growled in anger and struck Medina on her face On the corner of her eye Medina saw a sharp piece of glass laying on the floor She quickly picked it up and struck the man The man fell back in pain and Medina ran downstairs She yelled for Shayan and Leila to follow her and they did Medina saw the tanks approaching and knew what had to be done She yelled for her siblings to continue to run no matter what happens Shayan and Leila started to run Medina stopped She took one last look at the land she called home She turned to the tanks and was struck by a bullet Shayan and Leila heard her cries and turned MEDINA yelled Shayan They took one last look at their sister and continued to run Suddenly an enormous red white and blue tank emerged from the dust ahead At the sight of this tank the people chasing Shayan and Leila fled A man exited the tank and ushered Shayan and Leila to come forward Shayan and Leila got in the tank Quickly he yelled Don t worry you guys are safe now They are gone Yes they were gone Shayaan thought And Medina was gone with them

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